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Get The Look: Halloween Makeup

Get The Look: Halloween Makeup
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Halloween is our favorite time of the year to get creative with make-up, and we've found that 2016 has brought us more inspiration than ever before.

One of our favorite sources of inspiration up to now has to be beauty blogger Phee from Phee's Makeup Tips, who deserves the biggest recognition for her dedicated '31 days of Halloween Make-up' series. Taking creativity to another level, Phee takes on a different fright night themed make-up look each day throughout October. And trust us, each one is scarily good!

We've been browsing her looks and have selected two key 'faces' we feel you guys out there can replicate this year, and still look pretty hot! Introducing Phee's Medusa face and her Simple Skull look...

Medusa Make-up

medusa a
This look is all about the eyes and lips, keeping the skin fairly pale and flawless. It's about creating a dramatic smokey green eye with a set of groomed, brushed-up brows and a killer red ip. Here's our recommendations...

medusa b
medusa c
medusa d
medusa e

  1. Firstly, ensure your face base is made up of a flawless coverage foundation. Use a shimmering highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones before setting the foundation with setting powder.
  2. Next, take striking shades of green eyeshadow, and start layering up upon the eyelid and below the lash line. Mix in a touch of grey eyeshadow, and blend out the darker shades at the outer corner. Using a Q-tip, line the bottom lashes with layers of blendable greens and greys. Finish with an eye gloss or touch of shimmering highlighter.
  3. Line the eyes with a black eyeliner, using a gel/liquid for the upper lash line. Brush brows into shape and fill in with an eyebrow brush and eyebrow color.
  4. Find the deepest matte red lipstick with a wine/berry tint. Use a liner for precision first, and then fill in the lips with the lipstick using a lip brush.
  5. Finish with some dramatic yellow/snake-looking contact lenses and a sweep of bronzed contour.


Simple Skull


skull a
This look is all about creating a deep, sunken eye look, with layers of black and warm brown make-up. The lips remain concealed, with a creative liner effect to create a skull style mouth.

  1. Use a blurring primer as your first base, massage this in 10 minutes before applying foundation as this look is about creating a full coverage foundation base in which more intricate make-up will layer on top of.
  2. Use a full coverage foundation all over the face, and finish with a matte concealer to go over any blemishes or redness which may still be showing through. The desirable look is a pale 'sheet' of make-up, camouflaging any signs of 'life' in the skin (imperfections or color). Make sure the lips are fully concealed and set with powder.
  3. Set the foundation with a setting powder, and then start to create a hollow, sunken looking contour with a matte, deep colored contouring bronzer. Once complete, you can smudge in a touch of grey eyeshadow to add that shadowed, hollow effect.
  4. Taking a palette of deep brown eyeshadows, along with deep greys and black, ensure the eyelid is completely 'blacked out'. Start by applying the warmer brown shades, taking them above the eyelid and up to the brow bone. This is when you can now layer up the dark shades to create sunken, shell type eyes.
  5. Taking a liquid eyeliner (ideally a 'pen' type) go over both the upper and lower lash lines, and then begin to create a broken tooth effect over the lips to get that skull mouth apparance.
  6. Finish with lashings of mascara, and a light sweeping of highlighter to the upper cheekbones.


You can check out Phee’s fantastic 31 days of Halloween make-up here

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Writer and expert
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