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How Beautyblender Remains the Makeup Sponge Standard

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With celebrities, professionals and every-day consumers praisingBeautyblender, it's no surprise it remains the go-to makeup application tool for beauty enthusiasts. See the history and the mission behind an overnight vanity name.

A Makeup Lover Staple

As a makeup tool, beauty sponges have been proven to be the most effective means of applying foundation. It's considered the next step after priming. If you're new to makeup, the typical methods to use are either brushes, airbrush sprays, sponges, and your own fingers (which almost no professional would recommend).

So then, why are sponges considered the standard? For one, they are moreversatileas a tool with foundation, concealer, or skincare. Secondly, it minimizes over-application due to its porous nature. Thirdly, it provides a more even application. Also, it's more sanitary than your fingers. Don't believe us? Well then let's ask an expert: Beauty Blender Founder Rea Ann Silva.

The Ultimate Tool From the Ultimate Expert

Rea Ann Silva built a 20-year reputation as one of the most in demand makeup artist in Hollywood. The idea for the Beautyblender came to Silva in the makeup trailer on the set of Girlfriends. "I would airbrush everyone in the morning, but by the end of the day, the makeup looked heavy," she said in an interview on Popsugar.

"I couldn't bring the airbrush kit to set, so the team would do touch-ups with sponges. It was hard to keep a light hand. I found this special-effects sponge used to apply a prosthetic and started wetting it like film makeup artist Kelcey Fry used to do. I realized that the smoother sponge would absorb less foundation once wet and created a natural finish. I'd spend hours cutting the sponges into the tear shape by hand, and they'd disappear from the trailer! Makeup artists and actors were taking them home."Realizing that her self-made sponge had demand, Silva changed the beauty game by launching Beautyblender.
The  now iconic teardrop sponge ensures her clients look immaculate on camera in high-definition. Creating its own category in makeup, the pink showstopper won various beauty awards over the years and many makeup artists' and average consumers' hearts. Today, Beautyblender continues to drive innovation with products that require minimal effort yet offer maximum results.

The Best Application Method. Period.

So, if you haven't used the Beautyblender before, how do you go about using it? Here's a few tips to keep in mind.

Tips For Sponge Application:

1. Wet the Sponge as Required Before Use

Make sure your sponge is damp before use, especially when using liquid-based makeup, like foundation, to keep your application even. The sponge shouldn't be dripping, and should be almost completely dry.

2. Clean Your Sponge After Every use

When using a makeup sponge, leaving it unclean can lead to bacterial growth, which can lead to breakouts. You must clean the sponge after every use (no 'weekly' cleanings). To get rid of leftover makeup and dirt, follow these steps. First run the sponge under tap water, dry it again using a soft paper towel, and then use olive oil or a mild soap to clean it. Make sure the sponge is dry before storing it.

3. Use Your Sponge in Multiple Ways

Thanks to Beautyblender's teardrop shape, it's use can go far beyond applying foundation. You can apply skin care products, SPF, and even (or especially) serums. You can even use them for eye application as the Beauty Blender has soft edges for sensitive skin areas.

4. Rubbing Won’t Produce Desired Results

Do not rub or sweep with the Beautyblender like you would a brush. In fact, the excessive and aggressive motion could shorten the sponge's lifespan greatly.  Instead, apply what experts call the “stippling” technique. Also known as the bounce method, dabbing and 'bouncing' it along the skin gently with light pressure ensures and even application. Plus, you avoid overusing product!

5. Store Makeup Sponge in Ambient Conditions

Storing your makeup sponges in ziplock bags is a huge no-no, unless you want fungi in your next makeup application. Instead, leave in an open air space like a Beauty Blender container or a makeup product stand.

6. Regularly Phase out old Makeup Sponges

Yes, even wonderful products don't last forever. An average sponge, even with all the necessary precautions and maintenance, will only last three months maximum. After that time frame, most sponges will begin to rip, warp, lose color and be ineffective. So replace when you need to!Have you used the Beauty Blender? Which makeup application is your go-to? Let us know in the comments, and remember what Rea said about a good foundation application: "No one should say 'oh, your foundation looks good.' Instead, people should be saying, 'Wow, your skin looks incredible.'"
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