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How to Pull Off that Wine Tint Look on Your Lips

How to Pull Off that Wine Tint Look on Your Lips
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If you haven’t heard, it’s our twenty-first birthday month. Naturally, we’re celebrating by treating ourselves with the best masks, baths, and tall glasses of red. Even if you’re not the cabernet type, you have to admit that the “I just drank wine,” look is the perfect way to wear a subtle swipe of color without having to re-apply all night or day long.

If you do drink wine, you might be wondering how to get that burgundy tint before you go out so that when you’re sipping on your perfect pinot, you don’t ruin your lip look. We all know the story of running into the bathroom to adjust our makeup between songs at the bar or shifts at work, but we’re here to tell you that if you do it right, you won’t have to worry about it.

The thing about lipstick is that it's temporary, as any makeup. It doesn’t look good after you eat or drink because it rubs off onto your glass and leaves creases and splotches in the color.

That’s why we’ve been trying and testing different lip pairings until we discovered a combination that will tint your lips and gradually fade with ease and class.

The first step is to line your lips with something almost nude so that even when the top layer wears out you have a good base. This also blends really nicely with a deeper color and gives you the perfect effortless hue.

Our favorite shade right now is this one by Illamasqua in Fervor.

Next, you’ll want to apply something merlot tinted and moisturizing so that you’re adding back into anything the liner just took away. Using a balm instead of a matte product allows for your lips to stay naturally stained without drying out. This Caudalie claret is the just the right mixture of purples reds and pinks. Plus, it tastes like berries and contains Aloe Vera and other healing ingredients.

To make the look even more dramatic, dab the balm only in the middle of your lips to create an illusion that you’ve already been through a few glasses.

Go ahead, sauvignon sisters, get your tint on!

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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