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Halloween Beauty: Skincare Treats

Halloween Beauty: Skincare Treats
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It’s that time of year again! Costumes, candy and copious amounts of creative make-up. Halloween- we couldn't love you more!

While there is no shortage of advice out there demonstrating fright night makeup techniques, there's little to advise on those skincare treats (because lets face it - we're all about the treats, we can leave the tricks to make-up!). No matter what - or who - you come dressed as for Halloween, your skin is quite possibly going to have one of its worst experiences.

Potentially a breakout party. Or at least a breakout after-party. And we want to wake up to fresh skin - right?


Halloween makeup is heavier and thicker than every day makeup, designed to adhere to the face to give a masking-type effect. Pigments are more intense, ingredients are a lot more drying, and not to mention high in artificial colors, waxes, fragrances, chemicals and oils. Think of that heavy 'on-screen' make-up, the products designed to withstand sweat and create form a gooey coating on the skin.

If you're already visualizing the after math of congestion, redness, dryness and full-on breakouts, follow our 4 skincare treats!

1. Use a protective base

Before that shimmery green glitter or striking black face paint goes anywhere near your skin, make sure you have massaged in a good quality protective base. One treat for your skin here is silicone, which is wonderful for fancy dress make-up as it acts as a protective base when piling on all those mask like liquids and embellishing glitters.

If you wish to avoid silicone, then opt for a long-lasting primer which you can apply over your moisturizer for intense protection. This will give:

  • A super smooth, flawless makeup application,
  • A protective barrier shield between your skin and your chosen 'face paint'.
  • Protection against irritation on the skin from artificial colors or fragrances.

Primers or moisturizers laced with silicones are also a great aid in reinforcing the skin’s lipid barrier layer, particularly if combined with key ingredients which add nutrients to your skin. You'll find that a lot of scar remedies are silicone rich, which make great pre-makeup bases even if you don't have scars.

2. Use an oil based cleanser

No matter how scarily good your make-up looks, your pillows do not want to see it. Remove all that 'gunk' before you climb into your bed please! Sleeping with heavy foundations, powders and glitters block your pores more than usual evening make-up - an invitation for those angry red spots to appear. It also encourages blackheads, severe skin dryness and a dull complexion. Un-cleansed skin is full of oil and sweat, in which an oil based cleanser can save the day.

A hydrophilic (water loving) oil-based cleanser is key to removing that party face, without sensitizing the skin. Remember that oil attracts oil; therefore this type of cleanser will dissolve all the dirt and grime, along with waterproof products, eyelash glues and those pesky flakes of glitter.

Safely wipe away all remains of fake blood with these top oil-based cleansers.

3. Use a Salicylic Acid Base

Another handy skincare treat is to apply a leave on exfoliant overnight which has a Salicylic Acid base. Beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) have a larger molecular structure then alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). BHAs are attracted to oil versus water soluble or water loving (like glycolic acid). BHA’s also effectively penetrate clogged pores and other lipid debris, exfoliating within the pore, making them an ideal formula choice after application of oil and color rich cosmetics. Either use a leave-on treatment, or an exfoliating face scrub.

These salicylic acid packed products (which you'll find are usually aimed at acne prone skin) are staples for your post-party skincare shelf:

4. Treat with a Concentrated Serum

Once all traces of your zombie face has been removed, it’s time to ensure your skin has plenty of moisture to get over its night of horrors. Use a concentrated serum to start giving skin the hydration boost its crying out for. Those infused with Hyaluronic Acid are able to hold a thousand times its own weight in water, which gives intense moisturization to your skin. Our favorites include

It’s like the party never happened – what happens on Halloween, stays on Halloween.


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