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Introducing SkinStore’s Resident Makeup Artist

Introducing SkinStore’s Resident Makeup Artist
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Today I’m going to talk to you about my journey with makeup and why I decided to come on board as SkinStore's Resident Makeup Artist, including my own personal discovery of skincare, cosmetics and haircare.

My Journey To Becoming A Professional Makeup Artist

Having two older sisters encouraged my interest for makeup and beauty to develop at an early age. Throughout my adolescent years I struggled with my skin, not quite acne, but I often broke out with stubborn spots and my confidence took a hit. It was then that I started to learn that makeup was so much more than a product, for me it became a comfort blanket, it camouflaged my blemishes and how they made me feel. Now of course, makeup is not a mask for me - but a tool to help enhance my confidence.

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I was soon experimenting with more colors, trends and techniques, using my friends and family to practice on and my interest soon turned into a genuine passion. After intensive studying and volunteering, I turned my love for makeup and cosmetics into a career. My most valuable experience is still meeting, and doing the makeup for so many different women, with different skin types, tones, problems and face shapes.


My Makeup Artistry Career Today

I found my niche within the industry and worked extensively to build up my client base and reputation. Throughout my career as a Professional Makeup Artist I have adopted the theory that enhancing natural beauty is best and makeup isn’t purely about how you look, but how you feel.

In saying that, my primary objective when doing makeup is for the client to leave feeling more confident and gorgeous than when they came in. I have participated in workshops that support ladies suffering with the visible side effects of chemotherapy to help them to face cancer with confidence, as well as teaching young girls how to look after their skin and choose the best products for them.


Why I Joined SkinStore

I fully support the Skinstore mantra, to install everyday confidence in women, which is what led to me become their in-house makeup artist and I am so excited for what the role has in store! I am now thoroughly excited to share my industry tips and tricks with you, and I can't wait for you to join me on the next part of my journey...


 Some Of My Favorite Makeup Products

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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