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Murad Skincare for Healthy Skin

Murad Skincare for Healthy Skin
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25 years ago, one of the most raved about clinical skincare brands was born by Dr. Howard Murad. The self name brand - Murad - had one key goal to fulfill: to make beautiful, healthy skin attainable for everyone.

Murad is strong philosophical brand, which is one of the reasons in our opinion it has such a cult following. They don't just offer advise and treatments on how to improve the skin via topical ingredients, but by the lifestyle you choose and the diet you take on.

As well as ensuring only the best, professional ingredients are used to create an effective skincare range, Howard Murad M.D. is also recognized as a leading visionary for his scientific innovations, total body approach to youth building and overall wellness. His mission and passion is to help people unlock their potential to look younger, feel younger and live healthier, and through the Murad brand, he's more than proved himself.

Take a look below at the Murad products which we recommend for treating each concern. The range is catered to improve and look after all skin types, issues and concerns, and when used together, delivery the best results:

Dry Skin

Dry skin needs intense nourishment and hydration, which is why the Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate products have been specially created. The products work deep within the skin’s surface, packed with ingreidents such as Mexican Blue Agave Leaf Extract to restore the skin’s ability to attract and retain water. They also use Glycolic Acid to evenly exfoliate to promote skin’s natural renewal, and a botanical blend of watermelon, apple, and lentil helps reduce dryness, flakiness, and rough patches.

The Murad Resurgence Hydrating Toner is also a great addition for those who need to lock in moisture throughout the day. Spritz on underneath your regular hydrating moisturizer for added hydration.

Acne Prone Skin

Murad have a very successful acne range which utilizes all the key spot-fighting ingredients, blending with calming and bacteria busting properties. For all levels of acne prone skin, whether it be cystic acne or the occasional pimple breakout, the products with the bold blue line are all targeted for treating problem skin.

With oil absorbing active ingredients, you can find an extensive regime of products for a clearer complexion. From clarifying masques and cleansers to acne transforming powders and on-the-spot treatments, the range work together to relieve all symptoms of nasty, angry acne signs.

Aging Skin

Aging skin tends to lose elasticity over time, resulting in a sagging, rippling effect, and thus the formation of wrinkles. Oil production also reduces with age, leaving older skin prone to dryness and rough textures, which only contribute to the aging skin problem.

The Murad Age Reform range is easily identifiable from the bold purple line, where the products are designed to look after all aspects of aging skin. Packed with BHA's and AHA's to increase the skin cell turnover and collagen boosting ingredients, the product range promotes an improve, younger-looking complexion, further preventing the formation of deep set lines and wrinkles.

Oily Skin

Oil prone skin is common amongst those who suffer from acne or congested skin, although there is still a large population of people who suffer over-active sebaceous glands at any age. Oily skin gives that constant shiny look to the skin, which can encourage makeup to slide off, and worsen the problem of blocked pores.

Stop shine in its tracks with clarifying and balancing products, combined with specialised treatment products which blot away the oil. The chosen products from Murad which treat oily skin contain oil-free ingredients, as these can make oil production worse.

The clarifying toners and cleansers will balance out any oily areas and moisturize any patches of dryness too. These work well with the Murad InstaMatte Oil Control Mask - a brilliant once or twice weekly treatment to keep oil levels minimized. Finish with Murad MatteEffect Blotting Perfector for touch-ups on-the-go.


Brown spots, sun damage, red marks - there are so many forms of pigmentation which leave our skin looking marked and flawed. The two main causes of pigmentation come from sun damage and acne, leaving us with a combination of red and brown tell-tale stories on our skin. With the advanced technologies Murad have taken on, they have worked to address this problem with an effective range of pigment lightening products.

Look for the orange line products, packed with next generation Vitamin C to visibly brighten the complexion and improve skin tone, whilst effective botanicals reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Sun Undone Radiant Skin Renewal Kit is the perfect range of products to really kick start fading any marks and dullness, including one of Murads cult products, the Vitamin C Cleanser.

For a more intense pigmentation treatment, the Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum combines maximum levels of age spot lightening hydroquinone, along with an advanced skin lightening peptide, Hexapeptide-2, to create a powerful new serum. It targets, treats and prevents pigmentation and damage caused by daily environmental exposure, gently lightening up the skin.

For the full range of Murad products, visit the collection here.

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