*Wink emoji- The Eyeshadow Color Code

Eyeshadow is different for everyone. For some, it’s a crucial part of an everyday routine, and for others, it’s only used about twice every other year when you have to go to a wedding or have your driver’s license renewed. Either way, finding the right eyeshadow color is almost as important as finding the right blush color. Or the right man, or the right dog. If you’re lost in the many palettes and pigments, we’ve created a color code to help you figure out how to make the windows to your soul POP.

What color of eyeshadow should I wear?

Complementary colors are amazing duos, so is the same with shades. Look for the color opposite from the color of your eyes. Most warmer-toned eyeshadow will look good with cooler-toned eyes, and cooler eyeshadow will look good with warm-toned eyes.

The eyeshadow color code:

Eyeshadow for green eyes

Did you know that green is the most uncommon eye color? Only 2% of the world’s population has green eyes. If you’re one of those people, you know that it can be difficult to find the right eyeshadow color for your eyes. If you look at the color wheel, you see that the opposite to green is red. So any eyeshadow with red undertones will really bring out the color in your eyes. This means purple, bronze, pink and peach eyeshadow tones are your go-to.

Here are some of our favorite eyeshadow colors for green eyes:

Eyeshadow for brown eyes

If you have brown eyes, you most likely have golden undertones in your iris that can be brought out with the right kind of eyeshadow. Since brown is right in the middle of the color wheel, the opposite rule doesn’t apply here. However, using the shades near brown will actually complement your eyes beautifully. Dusty copper and deep yellow gold shades will make your eyes contrast and shine like the pot at the end of the rainbow.

Here are some of our favorite eyeshadow colors for brown eyes:

Eyeshadow for blue eyes

The opposite of blue is orange, and before you shy away from the idea of orange eyeshadow, you should know that there are actually a lot of shadows that contain orange hues. This is because blue is one of the most common eye colors, and apricot tones bring out blue eyes like nothing else.  Alternatively, if your eyes are a cool blue shade, icy silvery shades will do the job as well.

Here are some of our favorite eyeshadow colors for blue eyes:

Eyeshadow for hazel eyes

Hazel eyes might be the most difficult eye color to find eyeshadow for since they contain so many colors to work with and match. However, you can use this to your benefit if you find the right palette. Mixing the colors opposite of both blue and green will make your eyes stand out, so take advantage of this and combine palettes of all sorts to find a look that works for you.

Here are some of our favorite eyeshadow colors for hazel eyes.

No matter what color your eyes are, it’s important to see the beauty in them and recognize how to enhance their color if you wish. Be sure to try these looks at tag @skinstore anywhere social media can be found.



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