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How to Apply Eye Cream

How to Apply Eye Cream
SkinStore Editors
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Don't let the 'delicate' nature of the eye area become unchartered territory. Applying eye cream should be an inherent part of your skincare routine because 'the thinnest skin on your entire body', needs the attention.

Here's our simple guide on how to navigate eye cream.

Gently does it

When it comes to eye cream, technique is everything. Don’t be as heavy-handed with your eye treatment as you would your exfoliator or moisturizer. Use your ring finer to gently press the product into the skin. The muscles in your ring finger are generally weaker, so they’re not likely to pull or rub on this tissue-thin area.

In an orderly fashion

Are you applying your skincare in the right order? Remember that the goal is to ensure your creams and things are being absorbed properly so they can do their job under the surface. Generally, you should apply products from lightest to heaviest.

Thick, soufflé-like moisturizers can penetrate the lighter stuff, so if your eye cream is heavier than your moisturizer - apply it last.

Just a little

No need for much. A hazelnut-sized amount of eye cream is all that's required for the entire orbitol bone (refer to image).

Avoid baggage

Eye creams warm up with your body temperature, and as they steep your skin - they travel. So if you apply it directly on top of your crow’s feet (where your lashline is), the cream will travel into your eyes, irritate them, cause them to swell and result in under-eye bags.

Keep it cool

Like a bottle of great white wine, your skincare is best enjoyed chilled. Store your eye cream in the fridge so it will stay cool and instantly de-puff eyes in the mornings.

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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