The Beauty Glossary: J is for Jasmine

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Derived from the Persian word “yasmin”, which means “fragranced flower”, jasmine has a sweet, sensuous smell that captures attention like a snake charmer. This exotic ingredient has been used as an aphrodisiac for years by Indian women, as a way to entice men. The Indian Love God (Karma) tips his arrows with jasmine blossoms, to pierce the heart through the senses. In Hindu and Moslem traditions in fact, jasmine is celebrated as the perfume of love.

Flower power

The allure of jasmine is so hypnotic that it’s often dubbed the ‘King of Essential Oils’, but its benefits deliver beyond that narcotic scent.


Jasmine is good for all skin types and its essential oils and extracts can help balance moisture and protect skin with antibacterial properties. It’s gentle, so it won’t irritate sensitive skin or cause breakouts, and it’s deeply moisturizing.

When the weather’s unpredictable or the seasons are changing, jasmine if amazing because jasmine infused products can help bolster skin’s immunity and offer high levels of protection from invading offenders. Jasmine oil is a cicatrizer, which means it helps to heal scar left from acne, stretch marks or wounds.

Jasmine has major aromatherapeutic and antispasmodic properties: it’s superlative for relieving aches, pains and sprains. It is a natural antiseptic and the roots were traditionally used to treat headaches and insomnia. Jasmine is a mood lifter, so it is has been used an antidepressant and its emmenagogue qualities can help during menstruation, easing cramps and regulating period cycles.

In scientific/ingredient list terms, jasmine may be referred to as Jasminus or Jasminum.

Discover products rich in jasmine:

  1. Elemis Jasmine and Rose Milk Bath, $51.80
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    Elemis Jasmine and Rose Milk Bath, $51.80

    If Jasmine is the King of essential oils then Rose is the queen, making this bath milk the most divine blend. Unwind in the tub with the heady, exotic undertones of this skin-softening formula, that also contains nourishing Argan oil and vitamin E to improve moisture retention. Best enjoyed with an additional person.


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  2. Oscar Blandi Balsamo Di Jasmine Smoothing Shampoo, $17.60
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    Oscar Blandi Balsamo Di Jasmine Smoothing Shampoo, $17.60

    Shampoo di Jasmine Smoothing Shampoo will cleanse and smoothe all hair types that have a tendency to be unruly. It’s suitable for several hair types from thick, thin or coarse to curly or straight. This hair wash guarantees maximum frizz control.

    Jasmine will strengthen the roots of the hair, making it stronger and less prone to breakage and because jasmine oil has highly moisturizing properties, massaging your hair with this prevents a dry and itchy scalp. Also, the rich fragrance will help you relax and linger in your hair post-wash.

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  3. Juara Hope Candle, $35.00
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    Juara Hope Candle, $35.00

    The Juara Hope Candle releases an intense and sultry perfume that will ignite undeniable passion.

    This vegan, hand-poured candle is an exclusive blend of natural soy and vegetable waxes, custom-formulated to burn longer and cleaner than typical candles. Wrapped with a hand drawn pattern, this candle not only provides relaxing, soothing light, but also is a living sculpture that enhances the beauty of any space.

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  4. Pur Melt Away Makeup Emulsifier, $23.00
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    Pur Melt Away Makeup Emulsifier, $23.00

    Pur’s all-natural makeup remover will infuse your skin with over a dozen naturally fragrant oils, including avocado, lemon peel, jasmine and Argan oils. It will gently melt away all traces of product, including waterproof and long-wear formulas, leaving skin soft and hydrated. The mineral formula even conditions and nourishes eyelashes. Taking off your make-up never felt so good.


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  5. Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare Recapture 360 Night Anti-ageing Treatment, $69.00
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    Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare Recapture 360 Night Anti-ageing Treatment, $69.00

    Like other organs, the skin is controlled by the body’s internal clock. This means that the time of day makes a different when you apply products to your skin. Clock genes help balance a ‘day/night’ cycle but sunlight and ageing can disrupt this equilibrium.

    In the morning you must protect and energize your skin, whereas in the night you be replenishing and hydrating. To synchronize the activity, reach for something powerful like Christie Brinkley’s Authentic Skincare Recpature 360 Night Anti-Aging Treatment. It will naturally revive, improve and protect your delicate ageing skin.

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