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Elemis: Superfood For the Complexion

Elemis: Superfood For the Complexion
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We talk about superfoods to eat that will help your skin, but what about topical superfoods? Didn't think they exist, did you? Reintroducing Elemis Superfood Facial Oil, a 100% natural substance for your skin.


A powerful blend of broccoli seed and flaxseed oil, and infused with a concoction of essential oils, this facial oil works to rejuvenate and 'feed' the skin to give you a more youthful, replenished complexion.

These oils help to promote a more moisturized, radiant complexion while Daikon Radish melts deep into the skin to moisturize from the inside out.

This isn't the only product from Elemis that delivers extraterrestrial benefits for your skin. Here are a few of our favorites:


Another green superfood-packed product the helps deep cleanse your skin and promote a rejuvenated complexion! Effective in lifting dirt and impurities from the skin, broccoli seed, avocado, and pumpkin seed oils combine with a natural sugar derivative to ensure the skin feels healthy and balanced. This cleanser also helps to improve skin's luminous sheen.


Help your skin feel healthy, hydrated and revitalized with this vegan-friendly day cream! Chock-full of green superfoods including matcha tea, ginger, and giji berry help the skin look plump and replenished.

Protecting against environmental pollutants, this nutrient-rich day cream promotes a more radiant and luminous and even complexion!

Whether your skin concern is discoloration or fine lines and wrinkles, Elemis products are formulated with powerful concoctions to fit any skin issue or skin type. If you're unsure of where to start, why not explore the world of superfoods and feed your skin a cocktail of facial oils?

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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