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8 Uses for Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream

8 Uses for Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream
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Elizabeth Arden was pretty much the first lady of beauty, blessed with beautiful skin that she worked hard to emulate for others. Her birth name was Florence Nightingale Graham, after the original Florence Nightingale who essentially founded modern nursing - this is fitting because Ms Arden had worked briefly as a nurse and was inspired by the use of creams to treat burns. Her skin was so youthful, that at thirty years old she looked twenty. It was only when she died that the world discovered her true age of 81.

Elizabeth Arden was a maverick. She worked the New York circuit, charming her way from a bookkeeper at a pharmaceuticals company, to a beauty parlour assistant, to the proud owner of the world’s first red door salon on New York’s Fifth Avenue, which opened in 1910.

A Cult Classic

In 1930 the cosmetics entrepreneur created a product that’s been changing the face of beauty since its debut: the Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream. So celestial is this multipurpose balm that over 80 years later, the formula remains unchanged. Legend has it the name hails from a loyal client, who noticed the cream had healed her son’s skinned knee within eight hours. Ms Arden even applied it to her horse’s legs.

Today, a tube of Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream is sold every 30 seconds somewhere in the world. Not only does Victoria Beckham swear by it but Barack Obama and Prince Harry have also been known to use it.

8 Ways to Use it

  • Treat a chapped nose: Dab a little eight hour cream around your nasal area: the perfect protection when you're blowing your nose
  • Tame unruly brows: Keep hair in place with a small slick of this wonder balm
  • Condition cuticles: Massage a little into your cuticles everyday to keep nail beds neat and healthy
  • Soothe a cut: Because we know this works on burns, you can this on small wounds like paper cuts or shaving nicks to stem the bleeding and dull the pain
  • Heal your heels: Slather this cream on dry, cracked heels before wearing socks to bed for smooth, supple feet
  • As a highlighter: When you want a dewy sheen on your cheekbones, without the frosting, pat a little eight hour cream on
  • De-frizz flyaways: The tiniest bit of this balm will lock your hair style down
  • In-flight: Nothing saves your skin during a flight like the eight hour cream, rub it anywhere that's dry, whether that's on yoru face or your elbows

The best thing about this cream? Discovering new uses for it yourself.


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