Gigi Howard & SiO Beauty: Q&A with SkinStore

Founder Gigi Howard discovered the magic of medical-grade silicone to create her beauty brand, SiO Beauty. Gigi spent more than 3 years developing 180 prototypes before coming up with the perfect patch. And we at SkinStore are super excited to share this exclusive interview with the founder! See what’s the 411 on SiO’s origins, tips, and tricks here at SkinStore!

Question: What led you to discovering SiO Beauty?

I was in my mid 20’s working first as a model, then as a fashion/beauty publicist when I
started noticing the wrinkles on my décolleté and cleavage and it made me feel insecure.
I saw first-hand how the industry could make women feel self-conscious.

I would hide behind scarves and turtlenecks because my face didn’t match my chest. Since I have
worked alongside so many talented people, I asked them all for advice – colleagues, my
friends in the beauty industry, and doctors. I tried everything I could think of – from duct
tape to sleeping with various oddly-shaped chest pillows.

Question: Where are the most common areas women begin to show signs of aging?

The most common signs of aging start with the décolleté, crow’s feet, and laugh (or these days) worry lines.

Question: How did you formulate the products to be multi-use?

We use a medical grade adhesive that’s also used in doctor’s offices and hospitals. The
best part of this high-quality adhesive is that it can actually be reused. I store mine on its
storage shield away from anything that could make it dirty like dust.

Of course, our patches won’t last forever, but you can typically get 10 or more uses out of them. To
cleanse the patch, rinse it with water and allow it to completely dry before reapplying to
skin or putting back onto the storage shield.

Question: How can our beauty enthusiasts use SiO Beauty in their routine?

Before applying the SiO patches, I use oil-free cleansers to wash my face and exfoliate
my neck. We do not recommend using any type of product with acids or oils under the
patches as they may irritate the skin and will interfere with the patches adhesion. I
always wear them on clean, dry skin, free from any other products. At night, I use my
favorite products on the exposed skin around the patches.

In the morning, I store the patches, apply a sunscreen and serum, and throw on a little lip gloss and mascara. One
of my favorite ways to use the patches is actually to wear them during the day, or before
any type of event. I see noticeable results after just two hours and it’s a great way to
keep my skin looking it’s best.

Question: What’s your favorite product to use from the line?

I love the SiO eye and smile lift because it helps the skin around my eyes and lips lock in
moisture. With school starting again, and work busier than ever, I need all the extra help
I can get!

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