Detoxify Your Skin With a Charcoal Face Mask

Remember that coal you got for your Christmas? It’s time to put it to use this year and rid your skin of all its naughty qualities once and for all.

There’s no better time than January to wash off that bacteria, and uncover your skins best and brightest potential. Why would you put Charcoal on your face? More like why wouldn’t you.

Charcoal’s healing properties were realized way back in Egyptian times, when it was used to eliminate odor, absorb toxins, and clean water. Today, it serves a purpose for medicine, art, and yes, your face.

Not only does it deep clean, it also smooths, detoxes, and hydrates. In mask form, it grabs your skins dirt and unwanted chemicals, and takes them with it when you wash it off your face. Down the sink they go, never to be seen again.

The best part? It’s anti-aging in a non-toxic, natural, kind of way. Basically, it’s a bottled up glob of do it all magic.

For the best results, use consistently once a week, sit back, relax for 15 minutes, and wash as your skin makes its way up to the nice list this year.


photo credit: google images

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