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Women, Makeup and Self-Confidence

Women, Makeup and Self-Confidence
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Following a survey that SkinStore ran throughout National Self-Improvement Month, we can reveal that a staggering 60% of women describe themselves as ‘fairly average and nothing special’, when asked how they rate their natural beauty. Even more surprising, only 2% of women said they would describe themselves as ‘gorgeous’.

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The results have shown a huge increase in the low self-confidence American women battle with today, increasingly feeling the pressures to constantly look good.  Whether it's brought on from the social media world showcasing pristine celebrities, the constant comparisons to others, or the rising treatments and products available to enhance your beauty, women are lacking in self love.

1 in 3 women choose not to leave the house without make-up, and especially not without foundation.

At SkinStore, we want to empower women and let them feel confident in their own skin, with their own natural beauty. In an attempt to uncover what women really feel, we launched the self-confidence survey to dig a little deeper into the minds of today's women. Take a read below to reveal some key findings:

60% of women describe themselves as ‘nothing special’ and ‘fairly average’

  • With women feeling increasingly negative about their natural beauty, it appears self-love needs drastically improving after those surveyed labelled themselves with these negative descriptions.
  • The survey also revealed 1 in 3 women would never leave the house without make-up, showing that women are becoming more reliant on covering up with cosmetics to feel confident and attractive.


Only 2% describe themselves as ‘gorgeous’

  • We dived a little deeper after uncovering this shockingly low statistic to find out what it is women really despise about themselves. It turns out that the nose is the most hated body part amongst most women, closely followed by teeth. When asked more about why this is, it appears these two features are ones that make-up can't fix. However, it’s apparent there is one main feature that over 70% of women love about themselves: their eyes.
  • This being said, over 50% of women still don't feel confident giving eye contact to others, unless they are wearing sufficient eye make-up.

Although 70% of women love their eyes, 50% still don't feel like they can give eye contact unless sufficient eye make-up is worn.


A shocking 1 in 3 reveal they would never leave the house without Foundation

  • Covering up with foundation is the #1 confidence booster voted by women, when asked to chose just one item which boosts their self-confidence.
  • The results go on to reveal that when faced with the dilemma of which make-up product boosts their self-confidence, it’s all about covering up. Over half of women chose foundation as the one product they can’t step outside without, with 1 in 3 not being able to leave the house without it.
  • In second place, women voted mascara

When asked to select just one key product, over half of women say it's foundation that gives them self-confidence with their appearance, with women feeling more attractive when concealing and masking.


Is covering up our natural assets really what makes us feel so much more attractive?

50% wouldn't face work without a full face of make-up

  • Over half of women say they need the ‘entire full face’ of make-up applied to feel confident in the boardroom, if presenting to colleagues at work. When presented with each make-up item, including foundation, concealer, lipstick and mascara, it seems that just one will not do. The majority of women say they wouldn't feel confident unless the complete full face look was applied.
  • Surprisingly, the survey reveals that we can kiss goodbye to the stereotype that a bold red lip shows women mean business. American women have voted nude lipsticksas the top confidence-boosting lip color

Mascara came in second place as the nation's self-confidence boosting product, yet the iconic lipstick did not make the top 5.

Is it goodbye to the iconic, bold, pillar-box red pout?



The below infographic displays some of the statistics we uncovered from the survey. Take a read and see what you think. Do you fit in with the 60% of women who describe their natural beauty as fairly average and nothing special?

Or, can you confidently say you are more than happy to leave the house without make-up on a regular basis?

Do let us know your thoughts over on our Twitter page by dropping us a tweet!

SkinStore Makeup and Self Confidence Infographic


At SkinStore, we work with the best premium beauty brands to offer a full range of skincare to cater for every type of skin concern. We care about our customers beauty choices, as we want each woman to feel they have access to the right products to enhance their natural beauty. It’s all about confidence, and with a little help from, it can be easily achieved.

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