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Your January Skin Care Regimen

Your January Skin Care Regimen
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Layering isn’t just for your sweaters, scarfs, and ten coats that you might be wearing this month. Enter: your skincare. You know you can’t wear your socks on top of your boots, but did you know you can’t wear your sunscreen under your moisturizer?

If not, we’ll tell you. You can’t wear your sunscreen under your moisturizer. Why not? Because the stuff your moisturizer contains likes to steal the show, and your sunscreen won’t stand a chance on blocking those rays (yes there are still sun rays in the winter), that you need it to block.

Sound confusing? Just remember that lightest to heaviest is the way to go. We’re going to break it all down for you below.

First of all, cleanse.

Cleanse means what it sounds like it means. Getting rid of bacteria, dirt, makeup, or any other unwanted substances that could be living on your face until you cleanse them all away.

If you’re into double cleansing, we can talk about that later, but for now, they both fall into this category. Also in this category, exfoliating.

Once you’ve cleansed, liquid.

Liquid means toners and serums, anything that’s thin and liquid. Spray on your toner, massage on your serum, rub on your acid, and most importantly, LET THEM DRY.

If you don’t give your skin enough time to process what you’re giving it, it won’t work, and all of your hard earned money spent on expensive bottles of beautiful products will be wasted. Let each layer of your skincare dry before slathering on the next.


Once your skin is dry, moisturize. Use some cream, some oil, whatever you use, and let it sink into your skin like memory foam.


Okay, now you can put your sunscreen on. Arguably the most important step, sunscreen should be worn even when it’s cloudy, even when it’s cold, and yes, even when it’s January.


SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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