Quick Tip: The Hairspray Savior

Lasting, flexible and strong! The key factors a hairspray should offer. These are the qualities that Ojon’s Tunu Elastik Flexible Finishing Spray has. Recently I started using a sample I had received of this hairspray, resulting in much surprise. I can admit that over the years I have used an extensive list of different styling products in search for the perfect one. After continual use of this product I have arrived at one final conclusion, “this hairspray is AMAZING!” I found that the consistency of the spray was very lightweight (almost powdery- without the mess), it is very flexible when styling but still provides maximum hold, and leaves your hair soft with bounce. It is not sticky, it doesn’t weigh down your lovely locks, nor does it create flakiness or produce an overly shiny or greasy appearance. This product is also a natural product which is always a healthy alternative to already damaged or in need of special attention hair. Since I have had such a wonderful experience with this product, I just thought I’d recommend and extend my delight with the rest of you hair divas!
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