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Kat Burki Complete b Bio-Correcting Creme Review

Kat Burki Complete b Bio-Correcting Creme Review
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Kat Burki is a much loved brand amongst us beauty editors here at SkinStore. The modern day prestige beauty brand has wowed us with its intensive formulas and nutrient rich creams for a long while. So today, I'm exploring my own personal thoughts about two of the brand's cult products. Read on to reveal my in-depth review, introducing the Kat Burki Comple b Bio-Correcting Creme and Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream!

Firstly, I've outlined some key brand information, incase you haven't yet explored the Kat Burki brand:


Why Kat Burki is the Brand to Watch

As the name to watch out for this year, Kat Burki is renowned for being a modern, multi-award winning brand making huge strides to improve the landscape of conventional skin care. For those of you who aren’t already aware, Kat Burki specializes in Bio-Processing Technology, Intelligent use of Co-Factors, Skin-Identical and Cell Communicating ingredients and Cold-Poured for Maximum Efficacy – all of which I find contribute to why her creams have made such an impact towards the overall improvements of the condition to my skin.

So with an incredible reputation, I found it imperative to trial out the Complete B Bio-Correcting Face Crème and the Vitamin C Intensive Face cream.

Our products change the landscape of conventional skincare. - Kat Burki

What's The Difference Between Cream and Moisturizer?

If you’re a lover of moisturizer like I am, I really wanted to see how a cream texture differed to a moisturizing product when performing my daily skin care regime. The Kat Burki creams may therefore prompt you to think – what’s the difference between moisturizer and cream?

I found it clear when testing both products and can confirm the following conclusion; moisturizer restores moistness into the skin or surface, whereas cream generally contains more oil and has the quality of softening and soothing the skin, creating a much thicker texture as a product group.

Complete B Bio-Correcting Face Creme

Now as someone who suffers from dry skin, I was excited to get my hands on this product to see if it really did act as a burst of rejuvenation and freshness to the skin. The most complex ingredient formulated to heal the skin from the aging process is of course the Vitamin B formula which helps repair your skin from current and future damage. This ingredient also protects the face from skin inflammation and irritations.

Here's a few factors the Creme aims to achieve:

  • Taps into body’s own healing mechanisms to repair skin
  • Neuropeptides keep the skin repaired, and keep renewed skin cells in tact
  • Vitamin b repairs the skin, reverses damage and also detoxes
  • Astaxanthin heals skin from the deepest layers, while combating free radical damage

This luxury Bio-Correcting Face Creme is America's first pressed serum. It aims to uncover your skin’s full potential, providing a treatment for restoring youthfulness. It features Kat Burki's most complex ingredient deck to date, formulated to heal the skin from the aging process.




This crème is extremely effective partly due to its powerful antioxidant – Astaxanthin, which helps to protect cells from damage. The antioxidant is also notorious for improving the way the immune system functions, healing skin from the deepest layers, providing a youthful, healthy radiant look. The nutrient rich base provides the unique orange coloured formula, another element which makes this stand out from all the other Kat Burki creams.
Another extraordinary feature is the use of neuropeptides in the product, which gives a protective matrix layer to help renew skin cells, further shielding from environmental toxins so your skin is protected both in the present and the future.With this in mind, the product is also fragrance free; although I personally picked up on a light scent, as creams tend to generally provide that summer fruits smell.In summary, this product looks good, feels great and makes you feel your absolute best.

Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream

As mentioned in my review on the Complete B Bio-Correcting Face Crème, because of my skin type, an intense cream which settles deep into the skin is just what I need.

I personally preferred the Vitamin C intensive face cream, mostly because I’m used to the standard white coloured cream which makes me feel more “at home.” Also the fabulous scent which smells just like summer – a fragrance I associate with sun cream, happiness and sunny days! Although cream is thick in comparison to moisturizer, this one in particular is extremely lightweight and literally glided onto my face, leaving it to feel brighter, smoother and glowing.


Now let’s get to the technical stuff - ingredients!

  • The cream’s strengthened with 15% Vitamin C, calming and repairing the skin whilst protecting against free radical damage.
  • Packed with a concoction of ingredients such a wild Reishi mushrooms which is a herbal mushroom famous for its miraculous health benefits. This product rejuvenates the skin, helping improve signs of aging and provides an overall brighter appearance to your face.
  • Aloe barbadenis is also used in this product as well as being an ingredient in the Complete B Bio-Correcting Face Crème; this leaf juice is extracted from the leaves of the plant Aloe – hence, Aloe Vera. The juice therefore soothes the skin and provides an anti-inflammatory effect, whilst also working as a UV protector from sun damage.

I found this product gave me so much of a refreshing glow, I now wear this instead of foundation to have the natural healthy and radiant look – life changing from a personal perspective! It's worth noting that I luckily can get away with not wearing foundation on a regular basis, so if you do rely on it for coverage, you may want to switch to adding a concealer and powder over this cream, and judging how much glow you can give out yourself.

How To Use

How to use both Kat Burki creams: Simply apply a small amount into the face and neck – only a little amount is needed. In doing so it will last even longer. As a result, I’ve found that either of these powerful products will provide the same result - reveal a natural, beautiful radiance and help to uncover your skin’s full potential.

For more Kat Burki products, take a look at some favorites below, and see if you are as pleased as I am!

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