Skyn ICELAND Gel Masks For Tired Skin

In a world where we are frantic 24/7, daily stressors are showing more commonly upon our faces. Dull skin, puffiness and fine lines rear their ugly heads, and sadly, our eyes usually showcase the first tell-tale signs.

As a Beauty Editor, I’m fortunate to get the chance to try out lots of skincare products which help to relieve tried skin. And if there’s an opportunity to get my hands on any products formulated for sleepy eyes, I’m the first one there. Lack of sleep is the first thing to show on my face, with my eyes telling the tale before I’ve even had chance to speak…


So you can imagine my enthusiasm when I was given the chance to try out Skyn ICELAND’s gel masks, specially formulated to treat stressed skin. Their product range may as well have had an ‘FAO Emma’ on the front! Using deeply hydrating natural ingredients in soothing formulations, the range of masks are committed to nature, each product priding itself on being 100 per cent vegan and free from parabens, mineral oil and sulphates.

Who are Skyn ICELAND®?

Skyn ICELAND® was born from a life-changing mission to treat and alleviate the effects of stress on skin. But not just that- they also aim to promote a stress-free life full of balance, health and wellness.The simple-to-use products indulge all of the senses, bringing on an overall sense of calm. Not only is your mind re-energized, but your skin is too.

Miracle Gel Masks

If you work long hours, wear lots of make-up, suffer bad sleep, or just feel like your skin is in desperate need of that perk-up, then read on. You’re bound to love these gel masks which totally revitalized my skin. And if you don’t, I’ll happy receive any spares from anyone!

  1. skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
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    skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

    The Symptom: When you’re run down and stressed out, the delicate skin under your eyes really takes a beating, resulting in puffiness and premature wrinkling. Familiar?

    The Solution: These cooling transdermal gel patches infuses the eye area with concentrated doses of soothing ingredients and work within 10 minutes. Elastin helps to firm and tone, Hexapeptide helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Gingko Biloba improves blood flow. The easiest and fastest working solution I’ve used!

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  2. skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Face Gels
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    skyn ICELAND Hydro Cool Firming Face Gels

    A revolution for the tired, dull face! This pack contains 8 gels: 4 pairs for forehead and 4 pairs for smile line patches, and are perfect for when your face needs that ‘plumped’ effect.

    The firming face gels act as an intensive 10-minute weekly treatment that works like an injection filler, instantly smoothing and plumping expression lines. The Hydro Cool Firming Face Gels let you turn back the clock on your complexion by visibly smoothing forehead furrows and smile lines without the need to even consider needles. A brilliant quick fix!

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  3. skyn ICELAND Plumping Lip Gels
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    skyn ICELAND Plumping Lip Gels

    This hero product is a must-have for those who want to plump some life into their lips. Which come to think of it, is all of us, right?

    These 10-minute, plumping gel patches are designed to improve the look, definition and overall health of thinning lips, weakened and worn by stress induced aging and environmental stressors. Just push down gently to achieve suction and leave on for 10 minutes. Remove the patch when done, and expect a slight cooling sensation!

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  4. skyn ICELAND Face Lift In A Bag (6-Piece Kit, Worth $25)
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    skyn ICELAND Face Lift In A Bag (6-Piece Kit, Worth $25)

    This incredible set contains everything you need to launch a full scale attack on lines and wrinkles. So be prepared to wave them goodbye for now! The set is designed to mimic the most sought-after injectables, giving the results of smooth, fresh and bright looking skin. Eyes look well rested and smile lines are erased.

    A genius set!

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To explore the full range of Skyn ICELAND’s miracle products, head over to the main page here.

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