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Soaps For Better Skin

Soaps For Better Skin
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We all know what soap is, and we all know what it's used for. But do we all know why that darn stuff can't help but take a little more than just the dirt and grime from our skin?

Hand soaps are full of detergents that break down and wash away the excess oils and dirt from our fingertips. Sadly though, these detergents have no radar for when their job performance has gotten a little too #extra. While they keep the surface of our skin nice and squeaky clean, they also strip away the skin's natural protective layer of sebum that helps keep it properly moisturized.

After a few washes, you begin to see the results of this job-too-well-done, and maybe even start to dread the occasions you have to visit the bathroom or the kitchen sink. If your skin is really sensitive, maybe the practice of washing your hands has even become a slightly painful ritual to participate in. But you press on because it's good hygiene, right?

Don't settle for the notion that your hand soaps must now forever be your worst enemy on the counter-top. You just need an upgrade! Take a look at some of our favorite soaps that nourish your skin and elevate your senses.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Soap

Infused with shea butter, verbena, and sunflower seed oil this bar soap will help break down unwanted dirt and grime while boosting the skin's natural oil barrier and moisture level!

No specials instructions for this one. Work up a good lather, scrub and rinse! Finish off your hygiene routine with smooth, supple hands. Feel better? Thought so.

Archipelago Botanicals Morning Mint Soap

Containing a combination of mint extracts and orange oil, this hand soap will stimulate your senses and wake you up while keeping your skin nice and hydrated! This soap does its job right without any overwhelming, extra factors getting in the way.

Zents Fresh Soap

This hand-wrapped soap, suitable for all skin types boasts anti-fungal properties that deodorize skin and eliminate the daily build-up of dirt and oil while shea butter works to infuse the skin with a creamy softness.

Neem oil works with its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to purify and balance the skin and keep the surface fresh. Aside from breaking down and eliminating impurities, this soap helps to combat various skin concerns such as acne, eczema and dermatitis.



Next time you think you’re doomed to be eternally stuck between the choice of clean or soft skin remember: You don’t need a new body, you just need a new soap!

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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