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The Solution for Dull Skin

The Solution for Dull Skin
SkinStore Editors
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The problem

As we age and cell turnover slows down, dead skin cells pile up. This diffuses light and reduces radiance so your skin is left looking and feeling lifeless. We often forget that skin is an organ, your largest in fact, so it needs to "breathe" and take in oxygen and nutrients. find chemistry

The solution

Revive dull skin with Peter Thomas Roth's Brightening Bubble Mask, your at-home oxygen facial, which will then allow better penetration of LiftLab's Lift + Perfect Total Rejuvenation Cream - a wonder product that will illuminate your skin.

Peter Thomas Roth's Brightening Bubble Mask is something fun to use once or twice a week.

You'll see this bubbling and cooling mask transform quickly from a light blue gel to a white oxygenating foam, indicating that oxygen is being released into skin depleted due to the natural aging process.

As the oxygenating action progresses, an effective skin brightening cocktail of symwhite®, gigawhite, bearberry extract, mulberry and licorice helps to even skin tone and reduce UV induced skin pigmentation. As we age, complexion can appear lifeless, sallow and dull. Fiflow® helps carry oxygen into the skin, brightening and helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more luminous, healthy looking complexion. Effective brightening boosters, hydrators and antioxidants help deliver an instant pick-me-up. Long term benefits help clarify and detoxify skin.

LiftLab's Lift + Perfect Total Rejuvenation Cream is the holy grail of the LiftLab line - a 5-in-1 multitaskng cream-serum that delivers complexion perfection.

It's packed with the highest concentration of CPP (a patented protein that helps fish survive subarctic temperatures), which provides regenerative effect for skin in all environments. It is LiftLab's bestseller and an amazing addition to your routine.

Better together

Together Peter Thomas Roth's Brightening Bubble Mask and LiftLab's Lift + Perfect Total Rejuvenation Cream imparts a translucent, flawless appearance and a polished rosy glow.

Got a different skin concern? Explore our other formulas.

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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