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Talking Rose Benefits with Jurlique

Talking Rose Benefits with Jurlique
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The Rose is the most sensorial of all the flowers. Its fragrance alone offers soothing and re-balancing effects.

Roses are the centrepiece of Australian beauty brand Jurlique's bestsellers. The rose was one of the very first flowers planted by founders Jurgen and Ulrike Klein when they started the first Jurlique Farm in Adelaide Hills circa 1985. All Jurlique’s processes, from Earth to extraction, are honest and pure. In fact 8,000 rose petals are handpicked and distilled for just one bottle of Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist!

Roses connect you to nature - to beauty within. They are the queen of herbs when it comes to skin care.

-Urlike Jlien, Jurlique Co-founder

All of Jurlique’s ingredients are handpicked and lovingly nurtured on a biodynamic farm in Adelaide Hills - a place the founders believe to be “the purest place on earth”.

We love the rose-infused line-up from Jurlique, especially because each product smells like a decadent bouquet. A spritz of the Rosewater Balancing Mist, for example, will refresh all complexions and uplift every mood.

What are the skin care benefits of rose?

  • Precious rose extract is a wonderful ingredient for dry, mature skin and sensitive skin in particular. Its hydrating properties and astringent effects soothe and comfort irritated skin and help diminish redness
  • Rose helps to balance and remove impurities, including make-up
  • Rose oil helps retain moisture in your complexion.
  • Rose can prevent and correct dark circles
  • Rose has aromatherapeutic benefits and has been associated with reducing anxiety and insomnia
SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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