Mineral Bath Therapy: 20 Minutes to Better Health

If you could better your health in twenty minutes, twice a week, while simply relaxing would you do it? Of course, who wouldn’t?! Mineral bath therapy has been used for centuries in Europe to help with a wide array of aliments including: psoriasis, rosacea, dehydration, eczema, stress, depression, bone healing, insomnia, slow metabolism, anorexia, pregnancy aches, and side effects of chemotherapy. Although mineral bath therapy has been widely used for years, it is a relatively new trend in the United States. The fast paced lifestyle of Americans does not allow them the luxury to relax at the spa for the day or travel to the nearest mineral hot spring. (Haha…wouldn’t that be nice!)
Phytomer Laboratories has simplified the mineral bath experience and brought the day spa to you! Their hero product, Oligomer (freeze dried seawater packaged in convenient sachets) has all of the wonderful benefits of a thermal mineral spring without the hassle. Oligomer products contain blue, brown, green and red seaweed that fight free radical damage with super powered antioxidants, flush lymphatic waste, stimulate collagen and elastin production, bind moisture to the skin, and speed metabolic function.
It’s simple, just run a bath, grab a glass of wine (if you feel so inclined), add your Oligomer sachet and unwind! For maximum efficacy just add one sachet to your room temperature bath water twice a week for five weeks and soak for twenty minutes. For maintenance thereafter use every three to four weeks.
Here’s to a healthier and more relaxed you!
Products featured in this article: Phytomer Oligomer Lyophilized Sea Water Bath, Phytomer Alguomer Aqua-Detoxifying Bath.
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