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Beauty Reset: Products that Reveal Younger Skin

Beauty Reset: Products that Reveal Younger Skin
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It's 2021 and we have so many options to make ourselves look at least 5 and maybe even 10 years younger!  With technological and scientific advancements, we now have wonderful options to get rid of the old layer of skin (exfoliation), so the newer layer of skin can absorb the anti-aging properties from all our serums and creams.  Our skin renews itself once a month, but this self exfoliation slows down dramatically once we hit the 28 to 30 year mark. There are two ways to exfoliate - mechanical and chemical. 

Mechanical exfoliation is a physical means to rid that top layer of skin, revealing younger skin.  Native Americans used dried corncobs and sand from the bottom of a river bed to scrub away dead skin. Another alternative used were pumice stones and roots vigorously rubbed against the face and body. In ancient Egyptian society, body hair was considered uncivilized, so men and women used sugar, water, and lemon juice, with a muslin cloth, to lay the foundation for waxing techniques used today.  

Chemical exfoliants like lactic acid are often enzymes found in natural sources.  Ancient royalty used tubs of LACTIC ACID to rid skin of dark spots and dryness. Here are the other top chemical exfoliants/alpha hydroxy acids beneficial for exfoliating skin and making us look younger: Sugar (GLYCOLIC ACID) best for oily or acne skin due to its strong degreasing properties. Also having a spot treatment on hand is a must as well for minor acne blemishes! 
Alpha Hydroxy Acids are crucial to causing an approximate 25% thickness in the skin, even pigmentation, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, and keep the fresh skin from hiding under older skin cells.  Retinol is the gold standard for anti-aging.  If you could only have one skincare item, retinol would be the hands-down choice.  
As we know, the older we get, everything seems to slow down. Retinol goes down and "tricks" skin cells into acting like younger skin cells.  They have no choice - they have to produce more collagen and elastin.  The dermal layer is thickened, bringing back a buoyancy to the face.Retinol plumps up the skin, makes fine lines and wrinkles diminish while fading dark spots and redness.  Wait 10 minutes after application, and then layer your other serums and moisturizers over.  The eye area definitely benefits from the collagen-boosting properties of retinol - a little bit goes a long way and it is optimol to use a hydrater afterward to prevent dryness.  Everyone knows Vitamin C is the most popular kid in the room when it comes to skincare!  We have been conditioned to use this antioxidant first thing in the morning on clean skin.  
Vitamin C will help you look younger by:
  • Dramatically fading brown spots and pigmentation issues.
  • Fighting free radical damage caused by external factors such as sunlight, pollution, and emotional stress.  
  • Diminishing fine lines and wrinkles while stimulating collagen. 


To top it all off, hydrated skin is young looking skin - period. There is a difference between hyaluronic acid and a moisturizer.  Hydrating products increase the water content in the skin and bring water to the skin cells directly. Moisturizers will prevent water loss from the skin and keep the skin barrier strong.  

Together, these keep your skin looking dewy and healthy.  Wrinkles are not as noticeable and elasticity in the skin looks much better. Using an antioxidant like Vitamin C, a good exfoliant, retinol, hyaluronic acid and a moisturizer balance out a perfect routine for a younger and beautiful you!  

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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