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Understanding Skin pH Levels

Understanding Skin pH Levels
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If you're serious about the health of your skin, then pH levels (that's 'potential of hydrogen') aren't just reserved for chem class. Master pH balance by assessing your skin type and choosing products accordingly.

Skin Chemistry

The combination of oil and sweat that your skin naturally produces, forms a protective film above the top layer of your skin. This is known as the acid mantle, and acts as your skin's first defence mechanism. The acid mantle is slightly more acidic than the skin on the rest of your body, at a pH level of 5.5, because your facial skin a natural germ fighter. The acid mantle is underrated but maintaining its pH balance is essential as it helps protect your body's largest organ against infections and dermatitis-related issues.

If it is disturbed then skin will become more vulnerable to bacteria and pollutants, and lose water quickly - speeding up the process of premature ageing.

When the skin's optimal state of equilibrium is disturbed, you attract damage from the elements. Restore your skin's pH levels by using products that will neutralize the acid mantle.

Too Acidic?

This is rarer, as it involves red skin, breakouts and inflammation, but it can happen after one too many face peels. Try out the This Works Clean Skin 5-in-1 Water, which cleanses, balances and refreshes the skin while removing all traces of make-up and debris. I'll trust anything infused with rosewater, which this product is, as it's a time-honoured, skin-balancing ingredient. This cleanser will moisturize and boost the skin's elasticity, so it will feel supple not dehydrated.

Follow through with Avène's world renowned Thermal Spring Water, brought to you by the sensitive skin experts. It's been clinically proven in over 300 studies to calm, soothe and soften the skin and restore its natural balance. Used since 1743 in Avene's Hydrotherapy Center, this will has been known to treat serious dermatological conditions such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

Too Alkaline?

pH levels above 7 are too alkaline and too common, and can involve very dry flaky skin. Bring your skin back to balance with Janson Beckett's Organic Skin Toner complements, suitable for all skin types. This toner helps to maintain your skin's proper pH balance while refreshing and toning. Mildly stimulating, it also removes any cleansing product residue.

Then, show your acid mantle some TLC with Erno Laszlo's original, all-purpose 24-hour cream. This intensively protects and nourishes your skin's natural moisture around the clock. Phelityl contains Dr. Laszlo's unique moisturizing complex with a pH nearly identical to that of the skin, helping maintain the fatty acids essential for skin function.

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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