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The Most Ethical Working Environment with emerginC

It’s one thing having lots of ethical and organic beliefs, but sometimes, it’s a struggle to let it fit in with your desired way of life. Where you work, how you travel and who you are around may not always reflect your natural and ethical lifestyle choices, which can make it difficult for some.

Choosing to use organic beauty products is a personal choice, and a great choice at that, but did you ever stop to think about how the company you are buying from ‘live their business life’?. We set out to look into this deeper, but literally got blown away by what we saw when we discovered the emerginC way of life. Not only do they retail a nature and scientific defined beauty range, they work from an office which follows all the brands green initiatives too. Natural light, planted seeds, growing crops… you name it, emerginC has it!


The Company

In a nutshell, emerginC has emerged into the tops spas and retailers around the world. The products all keep an eye to sustainability, giving back to the planet, nourishing the skin (and also our spirits spirits!), yet providing a better community. The brand kicked off by launching one of the most stable and effective vitamin C serums to on the market back in 1996, which created a huge buzz. Then, more and more products followed, committed to bringing quality and effectiveness to our skincare.

Those who are huge on sustainability and living a



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