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Why You Need a Facial Massage Roller

Why You Need a Facial Massage Roller
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One of the hottest tools to hit the skin care industry this year is the facial roller. While these tools & techniques have been around for centuries, they’ve hit Instagram fame in recent years and show no signs of going away. Have you been wanting to learn more about these trending facial massage rollers? For a limited time, when you shop on SkinStore and spend $100, you’ll get a free SkinStore facial roller!

Why we love facial massage rollers:

Facial massages bring down puffiness

Picture this: it’s a Friday night, you’re out on the town with your girls, and you celebrate the arrival of the weekend, hard. You wake up the next morning and discover that your weekend kickoff is sticking around in the form of a puffy, bloated face. The solution is easier than you think. Facial massage techniques are based around detoxing your lymphatic system, and when your body rids itself of toxins, puffiness goes away!

Facial rollers increase blood flow

When you use a facial roller, you are helping the blood circulation in your face and neck area increase. This improved circulation brings more oxygen to your skin cells in your face and neck area, which will ultimately help improve the tone and texture of your skin.

How to use the SkinStore facial massage roller:

Because life isn’t always fair, puffiness can strike our face at any time of day. The good news is that you can do a facial massage anytime because this facial roller can travel anywhere you go! While many facial rollers are made using stones and metal, the SkinStore facial roller is made up of individual rollers and massage nodules that imitate facial massage techniques using fingers and knuckles.

Using the Facial Roller on Your Face

To begin your facial massage, hold your face roller in line with your jaw, so that you can push along the jawline rather than below your jawline. Push the roller towards your face to extend the wishbone to the outer portion of your jawbone. Repeat this movement 5-6 times (or as many times as you’re comfortable with), and then you can begin to slowly move up your face.When you begin to hit the apples of your cheeks, stop using your roller. This under-eye area is so delicate and sensitive that facial rolling can do more harm than good in that area. By this point, you should see a beautiful pink flush entering your face. This is a sign that you’re doing something right by increasing that blood circulation throughout your face!

Using the Facial Roller on Your Neck

Because our necks are one of the first areas to show signs of aging, using facial massage techniques can be very beneficial to help slow the aging process. To use your facial roller on your neck, start in a similar position as you did for your face, but avoid putting the roller directly in the center of your neck. You can repeat these motions 5-6 times. If you need a bit more massage, you can do vertical movements on the sides of your neck for increased firming and toning.

The beauty of using a facial roller is that you can create personalized facial massage habits for anywhere and anytime. Keep it by your bed, at your vanity, in your purse, at your desk– wherever you need to massage your face–you can! For an increased luxury experience, try facial massage after applying your favorite overnight facialproducts. Head over to SkinStore now to get your facial massage roller when you spend $100!

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