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The Best Beauty Advice From American Women

The Best Beauty Advice From American Women
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One thing that's interesting to us is the beauty of women; their unique beauty rituals, their individual takes on skincare, and typical traits which represent their origins. We could talk all day about how inspired we are by women all around the country, but today we're focusing on the American woman. Sure, there will be hundreds of beauty tips we could take from our global friends, but we're sure that the beauty experts would love the ones we developed too.

Here's a round-up of beauty tricks which us American ladies officially 'own':

Staying Out of the SunSo many women in Europe have this ethos that tanned, bronzed skin looks healthier, but us Americans know that isn't true. Yes, a deep bronze glow looks lovely, but we can achieve that with a subtle gradual tan. Americans have always been so much more vigilant about sun protection and as a result, have fewer age spots than those far-flung tanners. So listen up and wear that SPF!

Putting Out the CigarettesAnyone who has sat in the company of smokers, or been in smokey rooms know that the air quality is so much poorer. Americans have always been very vocal on saying no to passive smoking, not to mention shunning the cigarettes themselves. Dermatologists say exposure to cigarette smoke can accelerate skin aging, and us Americans do our best to keep away from it. Instead, carry around much nicer, fresher items instead of a packet of cigarettes. Aromatherapy sprays, fragrances and calming sprays are top of our list.

Going Bold With Hair Color More than 65% of American women regularly dye their hair as a way to update their look. American women say that having a shiny, rich color makes them feel (and look!) much younger, and it's such an easy way to have a change. It's safe and harmless when done correctly, and with the help of color protecting hair products, it's one everyone can take on!

Going NaturalThere are many ingredients in modern day beauty products that were used by Native Americans, mainly including natural ingredients. Back in the day, Americans discovered the skin care and beauty benefits of plants such as aloe vera and jojoba, working out ways to utilize these in their beauty regimes. Now, it's common to find these hero properties, including essential oils, in most of our products we use today.

Following this, looking into the beauty secrets from America has prompted us to have a peek into some of the world's most loved beauty brands, which were born in America!

The following 5 brands are now worldwide favorites, appreciated by ladies around the world everyday when applying products. So let's celebrate America with these top brands that were all made here in the US of A:

    SkinStore Editors
    Writer and expert
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