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10 Beauty Devices that Deliver Professional Results

The best beauty tools enable you to achieve professional results in the comfort and ease of your own home, and when you compare the prices of these devices to the total of a lifetime’s worth of salon appointments – they’re cost-effective. We’ve curated some of the industry’s finest so you can primp and preen from head to toe,

Some may look like sex toys but our stellar line-up of beauty devices will have you looking your best at all times. Explore the edit below.

  1. WEI TAO WEI Cool2Hot Sonic Beautifier
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    WEI TAO WEI Cool2Hot Sonic Beautifier

    The TAO WeI Cool2Hot Sonic Beautifier is best for restoring a youthful glow.

    In ancient Chinese philosophy, Tao is considered the path to harmony. Harmony exists when yin (cool) and yang (hot) are in balance.

    This tool unites ancient Eastern philosophies with modern Western technology. It helps liquefy your moisturizer or serum while soothing sonic waves optimizes the absorption of your products into your skin. The cold setting will help lock in the benefits so your skin is left soft and luminous.

    Redefine your skincare experience with this hot, cold and sonic treatment that refines skin texture, restores moisture and hydration and renews the appearance of your complexion.

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  2. QuasarMD Blue
    $349.00 Buy now with Skinstore US

    QuasarMD Blue

    Let your skin do the talking, with Baby Quasar’s powerful MD PLUS. Address wrinkles, fine lines, and skin laxity with this brilliant home use light therapy tool. Four wavelengths of light penetrate deeply to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin – the ‘glue’ that keeps our skin looking young and healthy.

    Your lifestyle is probably busy but you will experience therapeutic benefits with your Quasar because you can use it while watching catching up on the latest blockbuster movie or best-selling book. You and your skin will love the warm and soothing glow that leads to a more youthful look. After an eight week initial program, treat only occasionally to maintain benefits.

    It partners great with your favorite skincare, and comes with a lifetime fix or replace warranty. That’s how much we trust in the Baby Quasar.

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  3. FOREO Luna Go for Normal Skin
    $99.00 Buy now with Skinstore US

    FOREO Luna Go for Normal Skin

    This little guy delivers maximum results. The FOREO LUNA™ is a travel-friendly, waterproof facial-cleansing device that invigorates your skin with a one-minute ritual.

    Using T-Sonic™ Pulsation Technology with soft silicone touch-points, the device gently yet effectively cleanses and exfoliates with a single intensity. These touch points perform an effective cleanse on the skin, lifting away dirt, oil and make-up residue for a fresher complexion. Flexible and easy to use, the silicone ‘bristles’ are ultra-hygienic and resist bacteria build-up to keep skin fresh and clean.

    Embedded with a high-technology anti-aging mode, this cleansing device expertly directs lower-frequency pulsations to wrinkle-prone areas to help smooth and firm the appearance of skin.

    Explore the full Luna Go range to find the right device for your skin type.

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  4. T3 Whirl Trio Convertible Styling Wand (Worth $385)
    $274.99 Buy now with Skinstore US

    T3 Whirl Trio Convertible Styling Wand (Worth $385)

    Switch up your look effortlessly with the T3 Whirl Trio interchangeable Styling Wand.

    Whether you’re seeking spiral curls, beach waves or glamorous body and bounce, this magical wand can create any look you desire and more.

    Advanced heating technology means that T3 irons constantly measure and adjust the temperature of the barrel for accurate, consistent heat the entire time you’re styling, preventing damage to the hair. The result is always a long-lasting, glossy finish.

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  5. Glo Science Glo Brilliant Person Teeth Whitening Device
    $199.00 Buy now with Skinstore US

    Glo Science Glo Brilliant Person Teeth Whitening Device

    Not just a cool, glo in the dark accessory, the Glo Science Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device whitens your teeth by x5 and eliminates bacteria. Just apply the whitening gel to the teeth, and put the mouthpiece in place to active. Built-in LED lights do the rest!


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  6. PMD Personal Microderm Classic
    $159.00 Buy now with Skinstore US

    PMD Personal Microderm Classic

    Retexturize and rejuvenate your skin with the PMD Personal microdermabrasion tool. A vacuum action essentially sucks the skin into the rotating disc, quickly encouraging blood flow and collagen to come up to the surface and removing a thing layer of dead skin cells. Now all your dream creams can sink deeper into the skin and work better!

    This device also helps with acne scarring, and minimizes large pores.

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  7. Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer
    $91.00 Buy now with Skinstore US

    Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer

    Panasonic’s Nanoe Hair Dryer dries your hair without drying it out. Clever Nanoe technology takes the moisture from your locks and the air to create tiny, moisture-rich particles that can penetrate the shafts of your hair, helping to strengthen and protect it against damage from heat and brushing.

    For styling and touch-ups, this hairdryer comes with three smart attachments that help you accelerate drying, add volume and minimize frizz. It’s the ultimate drying and styling tool for beautiful, healthy-looking hair.

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  8. BelleCore babyBelle BodyBuffer Kit
    $389.00 Buy now with Skinstore US

    BelleCore babyBelle BodyBuffer Kit

    BelleCore’s babyBelle bodybuffer is the cute, travel-sized alternative to the BelleCore HoneyBelle bodybuffer. This electrical, hand-held tool is designed for on-the-go cellulite maintenance.

    This number makes a great gym bag buddy as it exfoliates and smoothes the skin, relieving aching muscles post-exercise and combating edema by increasing lymphatic drainage.

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  9. bliss Fabulips Pout-O-Matic
    $48.00 Buy now with Skinstore US

    bliss Fabulips Pout-O-Matic


    The Rosie Huntington-Whiteley pout starts with dedicated lip care. Turn to the Bliss Fabulips Pout-o-matic, a pro-powered, lip-perfecting device that uses gentle rotation and a custom-designed head with massaging nubs to softly yet effectively stimulate and exfoliate your pair, buffing away flakiness and dryness.

    Use with nourishing Fabulips sugar lip scrub to instantly revitalize, rejuvenate and smooth.

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  10. NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer and Ele Attachment Set
    $449.00 Buy now with Skinstore US

    NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer and Ele Attachment Set

    Give your face the best kind of workout with the NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer, complete with the Ele attachment in this set to target all the contours of your face.

    This beauty device is like no other, in fact it’s the ONLY FDA-cleared multi-solution handheld device on the market, clinically tested to lift, firm, reduce wrinkles and improve facial skin tone with just 5 a minutes’ use a day, everyday.

    In the same way your body’s metabolism slows down as you age, so does its natural current – leading to sagging skin and wrinkles. Sculpt your face with microcurrent – good vibes only!

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