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Beauty Secrets from Brazil

The Brazilian woman’s gene pool has an edge. She is striking, sensuous and apologetically vaidoso. In Brazillian Portugese, vanity is celebrated. The Brazilian woman takes care of herself, and started young. She grew up watching her mother apply lipstick every morning and remove it every night.

We’ve already explored beauty lessons from Gisele and her make-up artist, but she’s not the only Brazilian model to work the Victoria’s Secret runway. Other beauty warriors from the region include Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima.

There must be something in the water

For Adriana, who won the ‘supermodel of Brazil’ title aged just 15, coconuts are an important part of the culture in her end of the Brazilian coast. It’s why she not only drinks at least one glass of coconut water a day, but frequently applies cotton pads soaked in ice-cold coconut water onto her eyes.

Adriana also claims that the key to her youthful-looking skin is a love of oils as they helps to keep her skin hydrated, so be sure to read our guide on which facial oil is right for you!

What else is behind the beauty of the Brazilian woman?




  1. Lymphatic Drainage massages
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    Lymphatic Drainage massages

    The Brazilian woman chooses this type of massage weekly as part of her weekly routine. It’s not so much a relaxing spa thing as it is a treatment that kind of hurts but detoxifies your skin and body.

    The Eve Lom Cleanser is at the heart of the Eve Lom skincare range and was founded in the belief that impurities from the skin arise from improper lymphatic drainage. Eve Lom herself developed this divine formula, to be used with a unique massage method for lymphatic drainage. The cleanser comes with a leaflet detailing this special massage technique and a signature muslin cloth.


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  2. Shimmer powder + moisturizer = natural glow
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    Shimmer powder + moisturizer = natural glow

    The Brazilian woman is naturally stunning, she only needs a little extra dusting. To get the look of bare skin, Adriana suggests mixing shimmer powder with a daily moisturizer for a complexion that beams.

    Combine your favorite moisturizer with a little shimmer from the Colorescience Unforgettable SPF 30 Brush, which makes all-over application super-easy. This luminous powder provides a sun-kissed glow while delivering optimum protection.

    Revel in compliments on how radiant your skin looks, not questions on which base you’re wearing.



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  3. The Brazilian Blowout
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    The Brazilian Blowout

    The humidity in Brazil can leave the locals’ hair fried and frazzled so many women, including Adriana Lima, often turn to the Brazilian Blowout. This is one sexy hair treatment that will transform frizzy ‘fros into glossy hair ads with added body and movement for upto 14 weeks.

    Unfortunately, not everyone’s hair takes to the chemicals that come with the Brazilian Blow-dry. In 2013, Jennifer Anniston was forced to chop her hair because of the damage. Try Liquid Keratin’s 30 Day Straight Smooth Strong and Long Treatment instead. It’s the first safe, at-home alternative that results in healthier, longer, softer, shinier hair with 100% less frizz using NO formaldehyde and other harmful chemical ingredients. One application drenches hair with keratin proteins and peptides, and lasts upto 30 days.


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  4. Water spray
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    Water spray

    Adriana previously told E! that she always carries spray water” to mist on her face. Hydrate yours with the Boots No.7 Mineral Hydrating Water Spray which promises to leave skin feeling fresh instantly, with just one cool spritz.


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  5. The Acai Berry
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    The Acai Berry

    Acai berries are the juicy little secret to beautiful skin and a healthy digestive system. These antioxidant-rich berries are derived from the acai palm tree in Brazil and promote a healthy glow from within.

    Adriana Lima regularly drinks juices and smoothies, using recipes that include the acai berry. Reach for Perricone MD’s Super Berry with Acai Dietary Supplement Powder and mix with water. Make it a daily drink, because the anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and overall health benefits are amazing.

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