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A great mask is like a four leaf clover!

Bring the luck of the Irish home with you with this mask! Irish Moor Mud comes from the Irish countryside, which is full of rich, nutrient-dense black soil, said to be a 9,000-year-old beauty secret. This mask is perfect for any skin type. Moor mud is the result of the natural disintegration of vegetation over thousands of years.

It contains minerals, trace elements, amino, and fatty acids. Like a “Garden of Eden” for the skin, this mud is deeply nourishing and healing for the skin. To get more out of the Moor mud mask, Peter Thomas Roth also added Hijiki Seaweed, a black sea vegetable found off the coasts of Korea, Japan, and China.

Seaweed deeply hydrates and is rich in vitamins B1, B2, and C. Volcanic Ash and Charcoal are also added to detoxify and draw out impurities.

Choose A Time When You’re Going To Apply A Mask

Sunday is my mask night, and since my skin has been congested in some areas and dry in others, I decided to give this mask a go. I applied a thin layer and left in on for 20 minutes even though the instructions say to leave it on for 10. The mask has a thick gel consistency that doesn’t create a drying effect like traditional mud masks. I noticed my skin looked radiant and was soft to the touch after I removed it.

I was impressed! Usually I follow up mud masks with a really hydrating mask or moisturizer to combat that dry, tight feeling I despise. Not this time! I loved how my skin looked and felt. I am going to incorporate it into my routine a few times a week because I loved the cooling effect and the results. If you’re not feeling very festive this year, celebrate St. Paddy’s Day at home with this lucky Irish gem!



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