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International Women’s Day: Simone – Co-owner of Sigma Beauty

Simone Oliveira Xavier and Rene Xavier Filho are the owners of one of the fastest-growing companies in the beauty industry: Sigma Beauty. Sigma was created when the pair spied a niche in the market for affordable yet high quality beauty products, bringing expert tools and cosmetics into all our lives.

I was honored to catch up with Simone to ask a few questions related to her success within the beauty industry on International Women’s Day. Take a read below and find out why we love her – and Sigma – so much!

Question: What encouraged you to be where you are today?

From an early age, I have always been very independent – it never really crossed my mind that I could not do something. My son laughs when he tells me he can’t do something or that something is impossible and I tell him I don’t even know what those words mean. What he doesn’t know is that I am dead serious.

I always believe something can be done, and that it’s critical to develop new ideas. So, the answer to this question is:  I believe in myself and my thoughts and ideas, this is my main encouragement.

Question: What has been your proudest career achievement?

Creating concepts and products that will live longer than me. My husband and I are very proud to have introduced problem-solving products that represent a step forward in the cosmetics industry.

I know there’s no coming back from using one of our gadgets to clean your makeup brushes. That’s how you do it today; that’s how you will continue to do it in the future.

Question: Who is your biggest female inspiration?

I really look up to other women in my family. My late grandmother and my mother are examples of strength, values and hard work. Both worked from an early age; seeing how they balanced work and family helped to set my own work expectations and values.

Question: In your opinion, what makes a woman beautiful?

Confidence. Confidence comes from trusting yourself and knowing your strengths, knowledge, skills, character and principles. We all should know what our main strengths are and we should share these with confidence. Hold on to something you know you are really good at and let that be the pillar of your strength.

Let that be your confidence booster and use your talent, whatever it is, to make your contributions to those around you and to the world.

To explore the full Sigma range, head over to their dedicated page over at SkinStore.

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