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Labor Day Inspired Beauty Haul

Labor Day has arrived! We are sure that you guys have lots of plans packed in around celebrating the American labor movement, and the contributions that workers have made for the well-being of our country.

Some of you, on the other hand, may be planning a restful day in, curled up at your home -no doubt with good food and good company. If this is you, then what a perfect time to read our Labor Day inspired beauty haul!


Here, I’m talking you through some of the cult favorite brands we currently have on board at SkinStore, making up the ideal beauty haul. So whether it’s indulging face masks that have got me all excited, or it’s those rich foaming cleansers that are taking me to paradise, you can read it all below.

Happy Labor Day guys!

Obagi: Long-term Beauty Benefits

I’m not a fan of those brands which offer a ‘quick fix’. If I want my facial contour to appear more lifted and firm, I’ll always be skeptical of a brand whose products give me that effect after a weeks worth of applications. Obagi are a brand who realize that, and focus only on creating a line of products committed to creating healthier, more beautiful skin for the long term. No quick transformations, just nourishment and beautifying properties fed into the skin which in result shows a much healthier complexion in the long term.

Some of the most popular and raved about products from Obagi include the Nu-Derm Foaming Cleanser, which is a fuss-free, soap-free cleanser that gently removes impurities, oil and makeup to leave skin clean, fresh and ready for the next step. It’s the perfect base for all skin types, effectively removing even the most stubborn traces of make-up and dirt.

The Nu-Derm range developed by Obagi is recommended often to those who are serious about an anti-aging regime, which will be kind and protective to the skin. Pair up the Nu-Derm Foaming Cleanser with the Nu-Derm Exfoliation Forte, formulated with alpha hydroxy acid to exfoliate the dead surface skin cells to aid in penetration of treatment ingredients. For fresh, bright skin, finish with the Nu-Derm Blend Fx. This topical formula is a non-hydroquinone free skin brightener containing arbutin, exfoliants, and antioxidants to resurface skin and help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Revaleskin: The Physcian Range

Sometimes, we have more trust in brands when we know the product range has been developed by the top professionals. These include physicians, dermatologists and scientists. Revaleskin is one of those trusted brands, with its professional range of anti-aging skincare products available through physicians only. The range features an antioxidant blend of fruits and spices, providing clinically proven antioxidant solutions to help defend against skin aging.

As it’s a popular one for promoting the look of youth, the Rejuventaing Enzyme Peel is a treat of a weekly skin masque, which works on exfoliating deeply to replenish the skin vitality. Although it sounds technical, it’s actually a rich, creamy masque utilizing papaya, pumpkin and black willow bark extracts for natural enzyme-digesting action to exfoliate the skin. So it’s naturally packed with skin-loving ingredients to rid of impurities, while deeply hydrating too.

The Revaleskin Eye Serum is another must-have to boost that youthful look. It’s an intense eye serum which does what it is meant to do – tackle fine lines and wrinkles, yet it has a slight difference. It is loaded with “Interference Pearls” – mica and silica – which have been shown to reflect light, providing an instant, more youthful glow to the eye area. Luminosity and fresh looking eyes can be achieved! And whilst we are on the topic of brightening, the Revaleskin Brightening Complex is an all-round brilliant moisturizer for radiance, plumper skin and an even skin tone. It has a broad spectrum antioxidant blend and Botanical Complex formulation to help brighten dull, discolored skin.

If you are looking to experiment with some new, popular beauty brands which have cult followings and positive reviews, check out our fantastic beauty brands with labor day offers here! 

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