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Online Shopping Tips for Black Friday

Those savvy shoppers out there know that the day after Thanksgiving is the best day to land the hottest deals with Black Friday shopping. Skin, hair and cosmetic treats can be seen as luxury items for ourselves, but even more so as luxury gifts to present to someone else.

Make the most of the upcoming online shopping momentum and make sure you secure the best beauty buys with our top 6 shopping tips.

  1. Assess Your Most Used Products
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    Assess Your Most Used Products

    You’ll save yourself a lot of money on the items you regularly spend on if you buy in quantity whilst on offer. Think of that product you go through quickly, and repeatedly buy. For us, shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, facial exfoliators, foundation, mascara and make-up removers come to mind. These can rack up to be quite pricey if you invest in good quality ones!

    Search the Black Friday sales for these most used products, and make the most of the cheaper price promotions!

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  2. The Early Bird Gets The Worm
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    The Early Bird Gets The Worm

    If the thrill of grabbing a good bargain appeals to you, embrace that popular saying that ‘the early bird gets the worm’! For beauty, you’ll usually find the best offers launch first thing after midnight on the Friday morning, and in some cases, sell out before the day is over!

    Start off by searching for those premium brands which are seen as real ‘treat’ buys. Think of those luxury items you’ve always dreamed of owning. Even if the actual product doesn’t come down in price but contains a Gift With Purchase, you’ve bagged a great deal!

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  3. Keep Your Eyes on Social Media
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    Keep Your Eyes on Social Media

    If a retailer has 40 plus offers for Black Friday, chances are they aren’t going to have time to tweet and post about all 40 offers. A brands social media channels will share and push out the best. most exclusive offers worth shouting about, so make sure you follow the appropriate channels.

    SkinStore will be revealing all the exciting beauty must-have offers on social as soon as Friday 25th kicks in, so make sure you’re following!

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  4. Be Patient and Give Yourself Time
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    Be Patient and Give Yourself Time

    Shopping the Black Friday sales is far better from the comfort of your own home, which means online shopping wins hands down. But be prepared – everyone else will share the same view this year!

    With a surge of beauty-obsessed shoppers flocking to online retailers, you may experience slower user experiences and the occasional delay at checkouts. Save some quiet time and prepare to be patient! Make a list beforehand of all the products you need, and stick to the list.

    We recommend popping those popular items on the list that everyone rushes for, and get them purchased before any websites crash.  

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  5. Get Christmas Boxed Off
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    Get Christmas Boxed Off

    It goes without saying – use Black Friday to save you the struggle of holiday season shopping in December! With Black Friday falling on the 27th of November this year, it gives you a full week before December kicks in to be fully organized with all your gift buying.

    Use it as an opportunity to get your Mom that luxury skincare set she deserves, your sister that make-up palette she’s had her eye on, and your partner that grooming set you’ve recommended for him for ages.

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