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Self Improvement Month: 5 Tips to Improve Self Esteem

As part of our Self-Improvement Month series, today we are touching on 5 steps to improve your self-esteem. How confident and happy you feel within yourself on a day-to-day basis all counts on how high your self-esteem is, which can be tricky.

It also seems it’s us ladies who seem to battle the most with this (but don’t worry male readers, you can follow these tips too!).


Self-esteem is a hard aspect to tackle, and we completely understand how easy it is to become your own worst enemy. However, it’s apparent that those who succeed more in life, and those who have a much calmer sense of well-being are those who are confident within their own bodies, and have enough self-esteem to steer a ship. So how on Earth do they do it?

To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance – Oscar Wilde

Self-Esteem doesn’t develop overnight, but it can heighten over a short period of time if you practice it correctly. So without further ado, take a read of our top 5 tips…

  1. Make Every Morning Positive
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    Make Every Morning Positive

    We’ve all been there. We wake up after snoozing for 15 minutes too long, we rush our hair and make-up, spill coffee on our blouse… it’s not cool. But it’s not the end of the world. Start making your mornings become a positive experience and see them as the start of a brand new day filled with exciting opportunities.

    Look in the mirror each morning (no matter if you have slept in or can’t find your shoes) and tell yourself you look fantastic. Have a refreshing awakening shower with an exhilarating shower gel (we love this Mio Quickstart one!), spray on your favorite scent (don’t save it for an occasion) and slap on your widest smile!

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  2. Accentuate Your Flaws
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    Accentuate Your Flaws

    We all hate certain facial features or parts of our bodies – we’re only human. Find me a lady who is 100% confident and happy with her face and body, and I’d genuinely love to meet her.

    Look at the flaws you stress yourself out with, such as ‘my nose is too bumpy’, or ‘my face is too round’, and look at little ways to improve this. We live in a world where contouring and highlighting can create wonderful updates, and where incredible skin treatments can be found in bottles  easily accessible to shop.

    Be creative and turn your flaws into beautiful features!

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  3. Invest In What Makes You Feel Fabulous
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    Invest In What Makes You Feel Fabulous

    Remember that everything you’ve done in your life is an accomplishment, including starting a new job, getting a new partner or passing an exam. But it also stretches out to what makes you feel fabulous, like getting a compliment, or feeling so much better after a full head of highlights.

    When you’re feeling low, make a list of all of the things you’ve done in life that make you proud, and then all the times you have felt more beautiful and ‘better’. And then play on them! If you felt 100% more attractive that time you had your make-up done for an occasion, go back and find out what eyebrow pencil the artist used, or which foundation made you feel flawless.

    Invest in those happy feelings!

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  4. Relax. And Often!
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    Relax. And Often!

    Anxiety, stress and lack of sleep all contribute to your self-confidence in a way you rarely think of. Not only are they toxic for your physical health, but they take over your daily thoughts, promoting negative energy around you.

    Try to take some time out of your hectic schedule to seriously relax. By slowing your brain’s thought pattern, you’ll be less emotional and you’ll feel calmer and more in control of your life — a key to feeling confident.

    You could try out yoga, try to have a half an hour soak in the bath before bed, or carry a calming on-the-go balm around with you to relax your mind whenever you feel tension creeping in.

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  5. Put On A Happy Face
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    Put On A Happy Face

    You know the saying: When you smile, the whole world smiles with you! And how true it is. Even if you’re having one of those days when you feel like rubbish, or look dreaful, chances are you see it worse than everybody else. So slap on a sincere grin, even if you feel low.

    When you see others responding to your jolly attitude, your mood is bound to take a turn for the brighter and make you feel better about yourself. Set a personal reminder to go off once a day that simply just asks you if you are smiling. One little prompt could be all it takes to smile and feel better!

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Remember: you are beautiful! Why not share this blog post with a friend who needs cheering up?

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