No Running Allowed! Making Your Makeup Last

Are you tired of runny makeup that smudges everywhere? By the end of the day you want your makeup to still look as if you had just applied it! No more raccoon eyes or scary mask face! You’ll want to waterproof your makeup.
Cosmetics usually have a silicon-based oil in them called Dimethicone. This ingredient aids in smoothing the application of a product and will also help to create a barrier to protect your skin. Dimethicone is a non-comedogenic ingredient and is widely used in the beauty industry. When you want your makeup to last throughout the rough daily activities you find yourself in, you’d want to utilize waterproof cosmetics. Usually these waterproof cosmetics use a similar oil in them called Dimethicone Copolyol. This ingredient still has the same benefits as Dimethicone but also acts as an adherent and is water repellent. You will find this ingredient in waterproof makeup ranging from face, to eye, and even lip products. Since you’d have to use a stronger makeup remover for these waterproof products (which can be harsh on your skin) they aren’t recommended for daily use. Waterproof cosmetic products are actually recommended for use on a temporary basis and for special occasions only. A natural eye makeup remover that is great for removing all traces of waterproof cosmetics is Decleor Eye Makeup Remover Gel.
The other route you could take for waterproofing your makeup would be to use a makeup primer or finishing product. These two items would be better suited for use with a daily routine. A primer is used to create a base for cosmetics. It preps the skin for application and helps prolong the life of your makeup. Other benefits of primers are:  evening out your skin tone, reducing pore size, absorbing excess oils, filling in fine lines, reducing redness or inflammation, and helping to keep the skin hydrated. Some primers even contain SPF and even come tinted. Well known primers include Philosophy’s On a Clear Day Primer and Stila’s Hydrating Primer.
A finishing spray is used to prevent makeup application from smudging, running, and blending into each other. It is used after all makeup products have been applied. It’s usually a fine mist that covers the entire face and will help bond makeup to your face for extended wear. Finishers are used to cool cosmetics throughout the day to protect from heat and humidity. There are many different companies that carry finishing spray including Skindinavia, MAC and professional cosmetic companies such as Kryolan.
Finding the perfect products to waterproof your makeup depends on the occasion you’re attending, how often you need an all day application and the strength of hold needed to maintain your application throughout the entire day. You can use individual waterproof products from time to time or use them in conjunction with your primers and finishers for the ultimate error proof application. No matter your use of makeup or your skin type, you can achieve a flawless, long lasting application to get you through any of life’s rough occasions.
Products featured in this article: Decleor Eye Makeup Remover Gel, Philosophy On A Clear Day Clarifying Primer, Stila Hydrating Primer SPF 15, Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray.



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