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Your Questions Answered by SUNDÃRI

Earlier this week we hosted a live Q&A on our Facebook page with SUNDÃRI, the brand that embodies a mind-body-soul philosophy to bring harmony to your skin. The spa-focused range is informed by Ayurveda, conceived at the intersection of beauty and wellness if you will.

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old holistic healing system that originates from the Vedic culture of India (ie. when the oldest scriptures of Hinduism were composed) and is the science of life, i.e. living long and healthy.

Ms Lisa Capozio, SUNDÃRI’s Vice President of Education, answered the burning beauty questions of  our dear customers – each with specific skincare concerns. To help you on your skincare journey we’ve rounded them up below.

Question: What do SUNDÃRI products have that others don't?

We follow ancient ayurvedic philosophy in the use of ingredients and practice to achieve anti-aging results. They’re developed for spa treatments and the instant results required in that environment. Intense active ingredients from natural botanical sources

Question: Are the products cruelty-free?

Yes we test on human volunteers

Question: Is the brand sold in stores?

Only in spas and on SkinStore!

Question: I am trying to get into a night-time routine. Which SUNDÃRI products would you recommend?

The dosha assessement will help guide you, because the night-time routine is a bit different depending on your skin type

Question: What can I use for large pores?

Any of the facial oils will help with large pores

Question: Could you please share the benefits of using oils?

Botanical oils used on the skin form a natural healthy diet for beautiful skin. Think of oils on the skin as health food for anti-aging

Question: What is great for dry cracked heels?

The Omega 3 and soybean baume!

Question: What do you suggest for tired eyes?

Sleep! When you can’t get enough, the Gotu Kola and Boswelia Eye Seurm is the best alternative. We call it the 15 min eye lift!

Question: What works for dark spots?

The Honey and Enzyme Serum 2-3x per week

Question: I'm a domestic goddess so my hands are rough. Which product should I use to make them feel wonderful again?

We have great hand oils, the best ever! The Neem and the Lotus.


Question: I suffer from dry patches and redness along with aging. What do you recommend?

Begin with the healing Neem range selecting products for your dosha. Once the skin is in balance, you can begin to add additional products

Question: Do you have any products that help relieve eczema/psoriasis?

The Neem range can help and will balance the skin

Question: My hair gets so knotted all the time, what kind of conditioner should I use?

Dry hair is typically unmanageable. Weekly use of the Neem and Coconut Hair Oil can remedy the dryness and help repair hair.

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