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Fun Things to Do With Your Friends: National Girlfriend Day

Fun Things to Do With Your Friends: National Girlfriend Day
SkinStore Editors
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National Girlfriends Day takes place on 1st August, bringing us a day dedicated to appreciating our gal pals. In honor of friendship, we've compiled a list of 12 healthy, fun ways you and your girlfriends can celebrate the day, including some tasks to explore together, and challenges to set yourselves!

So round up your closest female friends, and tackle this list...

  1. Have a Bake OffPlay hostess and invite your favorite ladies round to your house for an evening of baking. Assign a different themed dessert to each friend, set the timer, and compete against each other in a friendly bake-off! Even if the baking goes disastrously wrong,  you'll be left with a load of cake, a bunch of hungry girls, and a triumphant feeling of hard work!
  2. Plan a Relaxing Beach Day
  3. Go Wine Tasting
  4. Throw Back to a Slumber Party
  5. Go Floral
  6. Have a Mani/Pedi
  7. Have an At-Home Spa Experience
  8. Create Your Own Afternoon Tea Polish up your finest plates and pull out the crockery - nothing celebrates friendship like a good old afternoon tea day! Serve up a selection of finger sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, jam and cakes in true British style. For a healthier affair, lay out an array of healthy tea's. If it's a party theme you're after instead, then roll out the champagne on ice!
  9. Get Fit Together
  10. Go Green
  11. Create Your Own Cocktails Who needs the bright lights of the city and expensive cocktail bars, when you can make some personalized cocktails at home? The perfect excuse to open those bottles of Blue Curaco and Campari and get creative! Put on some YouTube videos, and get mixing away.
  12. Plan a Jet-Away

How are you and your girlfriends planning on celebrating this national day? Share your plans with us over on Facebook! 

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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