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Why your Skin Hates you Smoking

Why your Skin Hates you Smoking
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Natural healthy skin should have a glow, it’s our bodies way of showing how healthy we are and that everything is in equilibrium. But what if you started doing one thing that stripped your body of what it needed, how would that affect you? And could it even change the way you look?

Smoking and its Effects

Many people smoke and it's not easy to stop due to the addictive ingredient nicotine which is absorbed by the body. Cigarette smoke also contains carbon monoxide that displaces the oxygen in your skin. Combined with the nicotine (which reduces blood flow) the skin is left dry and discoloured depleting many nutrients, including vitamin C, which helps protect and repair damaged skin.

How Does it Destroy Vitamins?

Smoking completely destroys the antioxidants and vitamins C and E within our bodies. These vitamins are responsible for helping our bodies fight free radicals and stop oxidative stress. Free radicals are molecules that have an odd number of electrons. This makes them unstable, and they travel around the body looking for an electron to grab from other molecules so that they can stabilize. This causes a series of damage, and can impair healthy tissue and even DNA. If you smoke you are overloading the bodies demand of fighting free radicals, depleting your vitamin stores resulting in premature ageing and damage to the body.

Tissue Damage and Repair

Smoking constricts blood flow resulting in slower tissue regeneration. Because it’s the blood that acts a delivery system for oxygen and nutrients to every part of the body it has to be very quick and efficient at what it does so that no part of the body is left to starve. If your smoking the vessels are constricted slowing down the blood taking it longer to travel around the body and taking longer for it to assist in healing and delivery of nutrients.

Skin Luminosity and Wrinkles

Smokers have decreased oxygen in the blood and poorer circulation leaving the skin duller and with a greyer complexion. The repeated movements of smoking also cause furrows to appear around the mouth and eyes due to the over use of these muscles compared to the rest of the face. As these overtime will become deep set wrinkles rather than superficial fine lines, reversing these signs of ageing naturally without invasive treatments are harder and less successful even with the best products and creams.

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SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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