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The FOREO beauty gadget is the first tool on the market with rounded silicone touch-points to clean your pores, which is why we’ve built so much hype around it. However, one of the main reasons we’re such big fans here at SkinStore is that it’s the most hygienic cleansing device on the market.

If you’ve never used a cleansing device before, you may be a little skeptical about this brightly colored, egg-shaped, lightweight device. To share our love for FOREO, we recently put together an everything you need to know guide, highlighting all the devices and why they are so unique (and just plain amazing to use!)



But for those of you who feel you would benefit from more of a ‘quick read’ overview, we’ve put together some snippets of our favorite members of the FOREO family. Complete with a snapshot of the benefits of using this method for an effective cleanse, it may give you lots of gift inspiration for the holiday season too!

  1. FOREO Luna Play - Pearl pink
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    FOREO Luna Play - Pearl pink

    Combining T-Sonic™ Pulsation Technology and FOREO’S signature, non-porous silicone touch-points, the LUNA PLAY features thicker touch points to perform an intense clean.  The device gently yet effectively cleanses and exfoliates with a single intensity, dual-zone range, unclogging pores and lifting away dirt, oil and dead skin.

    Plus – how cute is this chunky little pale pink version? It also features softer, thinner points at the bottom which caters for more sensitive skin types, or larger areas such as the cheeks.

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  2. FOREO Holiday Cleansing Collection: LUNA MINI 2 Fuchsia
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    FOREO Holiday Cleansing Collection: LUNA MINI 2 Fuchsia

    A great opportunity to experience the LUNA Mini comes in the shape of this FOREO Holiday Cleansing Collection, perfect for combining with two FOREO cleansers to leave skin feeling soft, refreshed and invigorated.

    The waterproof LUNA Mini 2 is the perfect device for travelling, due to it’s super handy compact size. It also uses eight adjustable intensities whuch allow you to customize your cleansing experience. To compliment the efficiency of the device, this LUNA Mini comes with a dedicated daytime cleanser, and a specific evening cleanser, to treat your skin properly for both.

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  3. FOREO LUNA PLAY - Sunshine Yellow
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    FOREO LUNA PLAY - Sunshine Yellow

    We mentioned these handy little devices come in bold colors, but this sunshine yellow version takes the lead! Make your mornings much more brighter with this LUNA PLAY, an ultra-portable facial-cleansing device designed to provide a professional standard of cleansing.

    With its invigorating one-minute ritual, this chunky handheld device is perfect for all skin types, and looks super stylish situated in any bathroom. The soft silicone facial brush inspires healthier-looking skin, aiding in clearing and clarifying for a more luminous complexion.

    Massage around the face in gentle circular motions for the deepest, easiest clean.

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  4. FOREO ISSA - Cool Black
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    FOREO ISSA - Cool Black

    OK, so we have thrown in an option slightly separate to facial cleansing! The ISSA is the world’s first electric toothbrush with silicone bristles, channeling  high-intensity pulsations through its unique brush head. Designed to clean teeth gently yet effectively, the toothbrush utilizes silicones natural friction properties to remove plaque.

    Offering a different experience to any other toothbrush, this unique invention offers a comfortable gum massage, for a cleaner healthier mouth.

    As well as being ultra-hygienic, the sleek ergonomic design offers 3-D flexibility, reaching every crevice in the mouth. The ISSA is also quick drying, non-porous and resists bacteria buildup, making it far more hygienic than nylon bristled toothbrushes.

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  5. FOREO LUNA 2 - For Oily Skin
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    FOREO LUNA 2 - For Oily Skin

    The beauty of the  FOREO LUNA™ 2 is that they are specially designed for certain skin types. This version for Oily Skin is designed to provide a professional standard of skincare, catering for this skin type, with its standard invigorating two-minute ritual.

    Inspiring healthier-looking skin, the LUNA™ 2 will help clear and clarify for a more luminous complexion, with many users claiming that regular use of this silicone tip device has actually helped to clear up acne.

    Again, a fresh and vibrant color palette – this aqua shade is one of our favorites!


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