Lip Enhancers and Lip Plumpers

Voluptuous, appealing, youthful lips… it’s a feature every woman daydreams about at one point or another. When we pass the local makeup counter we all stop to look at products that will help enhance and perfect our natural features. What you may not know is that you may not quite understand the products you pick up to try and the benefits that they offer. Here’s the 411 on how you can achieve the look, maintain the look, and recognize the difference in products that produce that look of fuller, more beautiful lips.

Lip enhancers are products that naturally enhance the features of the lips. Usually these products have ingredients in them which will hydrate the lips, fill or decrease wrinkles or fine lines, define the lip line, and also enrich the natural shade of the lips. When these benefits are combined and applied they create a healthy, full, smooth, youthful lip. Some of the most common ingredients used in lip enhancing products are antioxidants, aloe, shea butter, collagen stimulators and protective oils or waxes. Some products to refer to for natural lip enhancers would be: Perricone MD Lip Plumper, Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Lip and DDF Glossy Lip Treatment. These are products you could use on a daily basis to make sure your lips get the proper attention they need.
While lip enhancing products are a good way to maintain the health of your lips and make them stand out; we women always want more! We want what makes us stand out from the rest, the ultimate results, and the glam star appeal. On top of today’s current lip enhancing products, there are also lip plumping products. These products take healthy, natural, full looking lips to a whole new level. These products vamp up the lips and contain ingredients which work on contact to get you to that dreamy lip you desire. Some of the most common ingredients used to stimulate the lips are peptides, retinol, hyaluronic acids, menthol, niacin and different types of essential oils blended from wintergreen, ginger, and cinnamon. Depending on the specific ingredients in a product you may experience a slight tingling sensation, warming sensation or even a cooling sensation. Usually this feeling is an initial sensation after you apply a product; the feeling will subside after the skin adjusts to the product. That feeling is also how you’d know if your product is a lip plumper vs. a lip enhancer. Most lip enhancers will not contain ingredients that have that effect on the lips. Some well known lip plumping products include the DuWop Lip Venom line, LipFusion XL Micro Injected Collagen Lip Plumper, and my personal favorite bareMinerals Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish. Some of you beauty daredevils may enjoy that sting to perfection, but I prefer the cooling sensation. Hopefully now you’ll be able to go get yourself a pair of those kissable, luscious, irresistible lips you’ve always wanted and maybe even a kissing partner!
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Perricone MD Lip Plumper, Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Lip, DDF Glossy Lip Treatment, DuWop Lip Venom, Lip Fusion XL Lip Plumper, bareMinerals Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Polish



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