Morning Beauty Tips

Looking dull, drab, tired, worn out? If you have no time to take a vacation or simply want to look good… NOW, then try these simple tricks.
Dab concealer under your eyes to cover those dark circles from staying up so late. I know you keep telling yourself that things will change and you’ll go to bed earlier tonight, but until things change… thank God for make up! Cover FX Conceal FX provides amazing coverage and stays put.
Blue eyeliner: blue counteracts red, so a bit of blue liner will eliminate the worn-out-been-staring-at-the-computer all day look. We like Line n Grow Lash Lengthening Tinted Eyeliner in Midnight Blue.
For flushed, kissable lips try a minty perk-me-up gloss. The Fusion Beauty LipFusion Micro Injected Collagen Color Shine in Clear is amazing.  
A good night’s sleep yields a healthy skin color, but the late night vodkacran guzzling and cigarette puffing followed by two hours of sleep will surely make you look ashy. I’m certain you’re vowing to change your habits. Until then, use blush to fake a healthy flush. Philosophy The Color of Grace Art of Blushing is a silky formula with a natural hue that’s flattering to any skin tone.
For a refresher that’ll perk you up AND will give you dewy, glowy skin try Philosophy Hope Springs Eternal Mist. Hope springs eternal is an ultra-fine, hydrating mist that replenishes skin’s moisture level to revitalize and restore skin, while enhancing your sense of well-being with a fresh, invigorating scent.
Remember lovely, your body is a temple and you should treat it accordingly. Book yourself a massage, splurge on a facial, shop for your beauty essentials at SkinStore, eat healthy meals and enjoy a yoga retreat to the mountains… far away from the stress of daily life. Until you can do all of those things use my little tips and tricks to make yourself look and feel better!



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