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The days of our lives are very draining and our schedules are always filled to the brim. We wear ourselves down and forget to snap out of our dazes to take a moment to refresh. The hours pass as we try to accomplish all of the goals we set forth for our day, but as our body winds down, our skin becomes tiresome and dull. Sometimes it’s easier than you’d think to take a moment away to rejuvenate your day!
 Actually, all you really need is 30 seconds, about 3-4 spritzes, and a minute to refresh the mind. Many people skip these well deserved daily time-outs and are not aware that all they need is a revitalizing face mist. These face mists are becoming a must have these days! Keep a bottle at home (a minute to escape from the kids!), one at your desk (used to revamp & stay alert), and you can even add one to your many beauty vices stashed in your purse. It’s really that necessary and useful. Many different lines are starting to carry these mists and they come packed with a punch. Not only can these mists rehydrate your skin; many can help tone your skin, soothe your skin, firm your skin, but can help purify your skin as well. They can also be used as a prep for makeup application or to help set your that you beautiful face we work hard to maintain. Some are even made with different essential oils which help to stimulate your mind and your senses. Wow! If you are looking for a great suggestion, I’d suggest that you try the De-Aging Mist in Papaya Pineapple by Pevonia. Just close your eyes, give yourself a few spritzes, take some deep breaths, and imagine your mini tropical get away from stress; ending with a sense of refreshment and a smile! Indulge.
Product featured in this article: De-Aging Mist in Papaya Pineapple by Pevonia.

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