Retinol to the Rescue

If you’re like me, you may have sensitive skin.  I made the mistake of using Retin-A years ago because I had heard of all the amazing benefits of retinol.  It was simply too harsh for my sensitive skin and I quickly stopped using it.
So now what?  I still want to reduce these fine lines and hyperpigmention!
Luckily, when I joined NIA24 as the company’s Vice President earlier this year, I was introduced to Intensive Retinol Repair.  NIA24’s skin experts explained to me that Intensive Retinol Repair contains 5% of the active ingredient Pro-Niacin® which delivers niacin to the skin cells and promotes healthier looking skin.
I immediately started using the product.  Sure, I was skeptical.  I didn’t want the drying and irritation I experienced when I used Retin-A.
After just 2 weeks, I noticed my skin was smoother and my skin tone was more even!  And I didn’t have any of the horrible, itchy dryness.  After about a month, fine lines that bothered me before were gone!
So how does Intensive Retinol Repair work? This amazing product:
-Stimulates the repair of your skin’s DNA and undoes some of the damage caused by the sun, creating healthier skin.
-Enhances energy metabolism and skin cell turnover.
-Promotes the release of leptin, a natural skin repair hormone that helps to reduce existing hyperpigmentation.
-Stimulates a skin receptor that decreases future hyperpigmentation.
But don’t take my word for it!  In a seven-site, physician-directed trial, 140 patients with mild to severe sun damage used NIA24 products featuring Pro-Niacin™ daily and:
-90% reduced their in hyperpigmentation
-82% improved skin texture
-81% improved skin tone
-80% increased skin smoothness
-68% reduced their fine lines and wrinkles
-53% improved firmness
And who better to get an endorsement from than The National Cancer Institute who recently chose the Pro-Niacin™ molecule for development as a potential skin cancer prevention agent.
Start the New Year with new skin today!



Writer and expert

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