Skin and Smoke

What is that cigarette you’re mindlessly puffing on doing to your skin? Cigarette smoke (primary or second-hand) contains more than 4000 toxins. Cigarette smoke is loaded with carbon monoxide, ammonia, arsenic, nicotine, carbolic acid, and a bunch of other rubbish that is not only detrimental to your skin but also to your overall health. Cigarette smoke travels quickly into the bloodstream, causing the blood vessels to constrict and in turn reducing blood flow to the surface of the skin, suffocating healthy skin cells by cutting off their oxygen supply and in turn causing the skin to become dull and sickly looking. Smoking also produces an enzyme which breaks down collagen and elastin, causing skin slackening and loss of elasticity. Vitamin C can not be properly absorbed into a smoker’s bloodstream, causing a weakened immune system and a weak barrier against oxidative stress, each cigarette smoked absorbs 35 mg of essential vitamin C. Smoking causes lines around the lips and eyes as well as an ashen skin tone and sunken facial features. Cigarettes are poisonous and useless- and while they are touted as a ‘stress reliever’ (nicotine releases dopamine in your brain, causing you to feel relief), but it is only provisional. In truth, smoking winds up the body by causing your body to crave oxygen and shrinks your blood vessels, in turn making your heart go into overdrive, and sending your body into an overall state of shock with the innumerable toxins found just in one tiny cigarette. So next time you feel the need to reach for a cigarette to relax, feel more social, or just because you’re bored, reach for a mirror instead…look at your beautiful skin and resolve to keep it healthy and youthful.
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