What is a Standard Regimen?

A standard regimen consists of 4 steps, Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize and Protect (SPF). This standard regimen is to be done daily, twice a day except the SPF step which would just be applied in the morning, prior to sun exposure. Most people will go beyond the basics and add additional steps, exfoliation, masks, and treatments for both face and eyes. Exfoliation is to be done 1-3 times weekly and is applied between the tone and moisturize steps.
Masks are also to be applied 1-2 times weekly. Masks would be applied to cleansed skin then followed with a moisturizer after rinsing. An anti-aging treatment is normally applied 1-2 times daily and is also applied between the tone and moisturize steps. There are different treatments for both face and eyes. We normally recommend exfoliation be done at night and the anti-aging treatments to be applied twice daily. Masks can be applied either AM or PM. With all of these steps the correct way to apply the products would look like this:
AM                                        PM
Cleanse                                 Cleanse
Tone                                      Tone
(Mask)                                   Exfoliation
Anti-Aging treatment               (Mask)
Moisturize                              Anti-Aging Treatment
Protect (SPF)                         Moisturize
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