Beauty Discoveries: Mio’s Double Buff Enzyme Exfoliator

When it comes to body care, there is nothing better than discovering a product which gives you double usage. Lucia Campolucci-Bordi, a specialist for Mio Skincare, recently discovered that as well as using the Mio Double Buff Enzyme Exfoliator to smooth her body, it also doubles up as an excellent facial exfoliator!

Read on to find out why this staple skincare product has fast become Lucia’s favorite.

Lucia’s Beauty Discovery:

The Mio Double Buff Exfoliator may have been created for your body, but as the formula of the product is described as being ‘facial quality’, I decided to try it out on my face. I first of all rubbed it in onto dry skin, before removing with a muslin cloth, and the results were unbelievable!

The skin on my face felt super soft and silky smooth to touch, and had that instant glow of radiance. I didn’t feel the need to wear make up to hide any imperfections and dull skin the following day, which is actually a rare occasion for me.

A lot of people may feel cautious about using a product that is excellent at exfoliating rough body skin on the face, but this one is formulated to be safe. It polishes the skin without the use of any rough beads, as its fine formula prevents any form of skin damage. The Pumice, Bamboo, Papaya, and Pineapple all combine to help dissolve rough skin without harming.


I’d recommend this as an essential to take with you on holidays or weekends away, when you want two usages out of the one hero product.

For me, I found it evens out the appearance of the skin tone and helps reveal a new, soft layer of skin that is ready to glow, for both face and body. Also, its a brilliant product to prime your skin with before you apply self-tan!

How I Use It:

I recommend to use it at least twice weekly. Massage into DRY skin before showering off. Double Buff is super easy to use. Feel free to use on your wet face too – you don’t want your face feeling jealous of your lovely legs! Double Buff is the perfect skin prep for any of our Mio firming faves or moisturizing miracles.

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