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How to Choose Between Sugar and Salt Body Scrubs

How to Choose Between Sugar and Salt Body Scrubs
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Scrubbing may seem like a chore, it's synonymous with cleaning after all, but nothing reveals fresher, more radiant skin than sloughing away dead skin cells with a great exfoliator.

Consider this, then, dear skin care enthusiast. Should you reach for a sugar based scrub? Or a salt-based one?

What's the difference between sugar and salt scrubs?

The main difference between sugar particles and salt particles is the size of the exfoliating granule. Sugar scrubs have smaller granules than salt, and are best suited for sensitive skin. Salt scrubs are generally more abrasive because of their sharper edges and therefore do a better job at smoothing out the rough skin patches on the body.

More on sugar scrubs

You could potentially use a sugar based body scrub on the face as it's more gentle. The size and diameter of these granules mean that any and all skin types can enjoy them.

Sugar scrubs have a high glycolic acid content, which helps protect the skin against harmful toxins. Vital for the maintenance of healthy skin, this acid works to both condition and moisturize. Even for seriously rough and dry skin, sugar scrubs are great because sugar sizes come fine, medium and coarse. Sugar also, has the benefit of melting as you use it (from the heat of your skin) so you can customize the product based on your personal skin type and need.

A sugar scrub is especially beneficial for the lips.

More on salt scrubs

Salt based body scrubs are better for their therapeutic, mineralization benefits. Most salt scrubs use sea salts - natural purifiers that remove pore-clogging toxins.

Salt scrubs help the skin to breathe easier, promote better circulation, tighten the skin and improve skin texture. There are many sea salts used in scrubs, including Himalayan, Mediterranean, Hawaiian and the Dead Sea in Israel. These various salts have different trace minerals, which include calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron,

It's these minerals that stimulate circulation, reduce the inflammatory response, and act as a detoxifying agent and general muscle relaxant. Salt scrubs are also super helpful for treating keratosis pilaris.


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