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Romantic Hairstyles for This Valentine’s Day

Romantic Hairstyles for This Valentine’s Day
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Romantic Hairstyles for this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming! No doubt, you may still be mulling it over in your brain how in the world you’re going to tame that unruly mane into something suitably romantic for a blissful night out.

Whether you have short or long, or straight or curly locks, here are three romantic hairstyles to enhance your look and sure to send your date swooning in no time.

Classic Chignon

 Want something that will spruce up your outfit, but doesn’t say you’re trying too hard?

Go for something simple and try a classic chignon! While there are many versions of this, the simplest one requires only a rat-tail comb, a ponytail holder, and a few bobby pins!

  1. Comb hair back into a low ponytail—not too tight though. Medium tension is perfect.
  2. At this point, if you want extra volume, now would be the time to take your comb and rat the ponytail before it is tucked.
  3. Take two fingers and make a “nest” just above the ponytail holder. You may need to wiggle the ponytail holder down a bit, make a gap to tuck the ends of your hair into, but leave a few layers together as a “floor.”
  4. Take the ends of your ponytail and tuck them into the “nest” and secure with bobby pins. TIP: It helps if you pin the hair into the ponytail holder.
  5. Lastly, comb the hair on the crown of the head back into the bun to smooth hair out.

This look can be as loose or tight as you like. If desired, you can spritz with hair-spray to control fly-aways.

Soft Curls and Braided Bangs (optional)

Is your hair too short to pull off a chignon? No worries! Your fairy hairstylist and her magic curling wand are here to save the day!

Nothing says soft and feminine like a set of soft curls!

  1. Section off the hair into layers and curl in one-inch pieces at a time.
  2. If you don’t have bangs to help frame your face, braid back the sections closest to your face and wrap it around the side of your head to give some unique texturing and frame to your curls! It’s Valentine’s Day, and your beau is going to want to see your beautiful face the whole night!

Take it the extra mile and finish off the look with a decorative pin at the tail of the braid to add detail and a pop of color or bling to your do.

Fishtail Braid

If you are up to a little challenge, then this hair-do might be the one for you. It looks easy, but sometimes, things are easier said than done.

Romantic Hairstyles for This Valentine's Day

This works best if you can part your hair down the middle, but please part your hair wherever it falls naturally. That is always the most flattering—who doesn’t want that?

  1. Sweep your hair to one side and split it into two pieces.
  2. Take a small section from the outside of one piece and cross it over to the other, and pull tight.
  3. Continue this crisscross pattern and keep consistent tension for the best results. Tie off at the end.

If you want, you can loosen up the braid by tucking on pieces to relax the look.

If you made it this far, Ta-da! You’ve successfully completed a fishtail braid!

This, of course, is only a fraction of the many hairstyles there are! Have fun with your hairstyle this season. Whatever romantic hairstyle you choose to do this Valentine’s Day, just remember to be YOU!

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Writer and expert
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