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Discover Natura Bissé

Discover Natura Bissé
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A globally renowned luxury skin care company, Natura Bissé was founded in Barcelona in 1979. Thanks to the expertise of skilled estheticians, the brand is guided by the belief that every skin has its own voice, and that skin care is not one-size-fits-all. This belief is at the brand’s core, which fuses innovative technology with human touch in order to adapt to the needs of each customer.  

Natura Bissé’s founder Ricardo Fisas, noticed the exceptionally soft hands of an employee at former  company who was working with the amino acids in collagen, elastin and keratin, he set off to research these amino acids and their effects. He found that in their free form, the natural amino acids had a powerful effect on the skin—leading to the creation of Natura Bissé’s first formula.  

Now, passionately spear-headed by the second generation of the Fisas family, Natura Bissé has over 150 beauty products that are all formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients and textures that awaken the senses. While they don’t believe in miracle ingredients, they believe in the magic of combining effective ingredients within expert formulations.  

With an aim to help their clients’ skin as they age and to turn their daily skin care routines into a moment of real self-care, Natura Bissé works to discover the latest scientific advancements and adapt them to the wellness industry. 

Our Natura Bissé Must-Haves: 

Diamond Extreme Serum

This serum is reinforced with ingredients that complement your skin’s natural cycle of protecting during the day and replenishing at night. During the day, a powerful combination of prebiotics and antioxidants helps your skin’s hydration barrier maintain its health and reduces signs of aging. At night, a cutting-edge duo formed by mastic crystal tear oil—which comes from a tree of the Greek island of Chios—and the peptide complex Peptixyl ProYouth helps your skin recover its youthful appearance. 

This energizing serum is formulated with Natura Bissé’s Smart Energy Complex and was created to recharge the appearance of your skin. The Smart Energy Complex features three ingredients—artemia salina, extract of peony root and chronoskin—that help to reveal a flawless and younger-looking complexion. Artemia salina is obtained from a type of plankton and contains a large amount of diguanosine tetraphosphate which is an energy source known as super ATP; it helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Peony extract stimulates your skin to make it look and feel more energized. Chronoskin is an ingredient extracted from a nocturnal plant that complements the skin’s natural circadian rhythm. It works in tandem with the skin’s own cycles of rebalancing and protecting during the day and rejuvenating at night.  

Inhibit High Definition Serum

Formulated with copper and collagen for a long-lasting firming effect, this rich serum defends against sagging. It deeply nourishes and conditions, helping to redefine your facial contours to transform and rejuvenate your complexion.  

This serum is enriched with a mix of hydrating ingredients, such as shea butter, amaranth oil and triple hyaluronic acid and helps relax facial contractions that cause expression lines. The result is a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, as well as brighter and healthier-looking skin.  

Inhibit Tensolift Neck Serum 

Complete your skin care routine with this serum that micro-lifts your neck and décolleté area. It’s packed with innovative ingredients such as shitake extract, double hyaluronic acid and niacinamide that all work to help reduce the appearance of Venus rings, vertical lines and sagginess.  

Its formula includes the ground-breaking Biomimetic Complex, which contains five epidermal anti-aging ingredients, in addition to several micropeptides and amino acids, which contribute to a younger-looking neck and décolleté. This serum’s results include the appearance of a smoother skin texture, minimization in the appearance of dark spots, a lifting effect that firms and tightens your skin and a neckline that looks firmer and more radiant.  

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