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Coffee Scrub Benefits of Caffeine on the Skin

Coffee Scrub Benefits of Caffeine on the Skin
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It’s a Monday morning in New York City, the trains are bustling, the streets are tussling, and the people are hustling. It smells like smoke, leather, and what’s that on everyone’s skin… coffee scrub? We all know that caffeine is the fuel that feeds our society, but what about the benefits of caffeine on the skin? What about coffee scrub?

It’s no secret that everyone gets tired, especially on a Monday morning in New York City—or a Monday morning anywhere in the world for that matter—but as we learn more and more about healthy ways to wake ourselves up, we learn that the more natural, the better.

That’s why coffee beans are so beneficial for not only alerting the mind but also the body. The truth is, if you can’t grind it up and rub it all over your body, you probably shouldn’t be drinking it every day (we’re talking to you, energy drinks).

However, even if you’re not a caffeine person, there are more ways than one to reap the benefits. No need to get it in a frappuccino with extra caramel sauce and two whole containers of whipped cream, you can just put it on in the shower for fifteen minutes.

What does caffeine do for your skin?

Caffeine reduces the appearance of cellulite, evens skin tone to prevent redness, tightens skin, increases blood flow, and is a natural, chemical-free soothing aid to your skin. Caffeine can also reduce swelling, brighten skin, increase cell turnover and heal skin from damage and irritation.

Reduces cellulite

Coffee scrub is an easy way to incorporate caffeine into your skin routine because it helps reduce inflammation and exfoliates skin for baby soft texture. Combined with other ingredients, coffee can be transformative to the overall texture and health of the skin.

This morning-time bean is different than other scrubs because it contains caffeine, and infuses the benefits of caffeine right into your skin cells. Sounds pretty good, right?

Decreases inflammation

It’s important to be cautious about the content of caffeine in a coffee scrub because high levels of caffeine can actually be damaging to your skin if used too often. Scrubs that contain not only coffee, but other natural stimulating ingredients as well are a good place to start if you’re new to coffee scrubs, or if you’re looking for something a bit lighter than your DIY home grounds.

Combining ingredients such as lemon, cocoa, almond, and zinc leads to increased protection and a guaranteed healthy glow. We are passionate about ensuring healthy levels of all of our ingredients and are convinced that the coffee scrubs we have searched the earth and sourced are the best there is.

You’ll just have to try for yourself, here are some of our favorites:

To use coffee scrub effectively and get all of those dead cells off of your skin for good, lather these all over your body and massage into problem areas that you want to be tightened or brightened, leave on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Don't forget to tell us how soft your skin is, and shout us out anywhere where social media is found @skinstore.

Discover more scrubs and sweet products on our SkinStore website here.

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